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£50 to spend at Boden

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BikeRunSki Mon 15-Apr-13 20:31:02

DM has kindly given me a £50 voucher for Boden, which was a present to her, but she says Boden is not her kind of thing.

TBH, I haven't fancied much from them for the last couple of years, but am in desperate need of new clothes. Having recently lost a couple of stone I am now a size 12 and my clothes are mainly 16.

I also can't afford to top up (I am one of those income = childcare people), so peeps - tell me what you like around the £50 mark at Boden.

I like things fairly plain, but like stripes. Wear mainly blue/green/purple, shades. Bit of red. Fair skinned, blonde hair. Size 12. Word k days a week (smart casual dress code), run around after a 1 yo and 4 yo the rest of the time. Seem to always wear jeans, but would love a change!

I rather like these chinos but only really like navy, and seem to wear navy bottoms all the time. I was wondering if Eucalyptus is grey (which I like) or sage green (which I wouldn't wear).

BikeRunSki Mon 15-Apr-13 21:00:28

no one?

frankietwospots Mon 15-Apr-13 21:40:17

I like the Eucalyptus and they would like great with a bright striped Breton. Whatever you do, do not order without using a discount code! Every penny counts. There are always codes available (check the voucher forum under Offers on Mumsnet). I used a 20% off code last night but unfortunately that's when it expired. Even better, when you find a code, they usually work on top of the weekly 20% off items that you'll find here:

Or why not wait until the summer sale to get more for your money? Usually first week of July but might be earlier given crap weather, slow moving stock etc..

missbopeep Mon 15-Apr-13 21:43:43

J238 is valid for 20% off I think.

Eucalyptus is green I think ( code alongside says GRN)
What about a jersey dress instead?

PoohBearsHole Mon 15-Apr-13 21:44:10

these are nice!

I have just bought these, with a discount I might add, but they arenice and a little different and comfy. They have navy but the electric blue look nice too smile

Dawndonna Mon 15-Apr-13 21:50:26

They do the best leggings about. Keep their shape, don't go saggy at the knee, can't see undies through them and wash really well. Perhaps a couple of pairs?

BikeRunSki Mon 15-Apr-13 22:06:38

frankie - the colour code says "DGR", was wondering if that meant green or grey?

BikeRunSki Mon 15-Apr-13 22:07:56

dawn - got two pairs last year, both got holey v soon. Not impressed, sorry.

Ujjayi Mon 15-Apr-13 22:20:28

Summer chinos are lovely. Received my tangerine version today.

iMe Mon 15-Apr-13 22:34:17

I love their denim minis. Iirc they have a red one this season? Or maybe it's the a-line which they have in red. Anyway, I have a red skirt similar to it, but from elsewhere and get lots of wear out of it in all seasons...opaques & boots in winter, flip flops in summer, ballet flats in autumn/spring. Goes with lots of colours, grey, tan or navy. I find it can do casual wear or be smartened up when the occasion arises. If you normally wear jeans, this might be a nice change? But don't spend the voucher just for the sake of it...wait until there is something that you don't just like, but that you really, really love.

JazzDalek Mon 15-Apr-13 23:45:03

Boring but I love their essential l/s tops. Way better than any others I've had, and only £12 odd with a discount code. I have seven or eight I think, wear them all the time and they come out of the wash like new.

BikeRunSki Thu 18-Apr-13 19:30:28

Have ordered the Spring Chinos in the grey stripe and navy. Splashed out! but reckon they'll do for work and play and hope they'll last forever - I have some Boden trousers still going strong from 2006.

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