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Between sizes?

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OneLittleLady Mon 15-Apr-13 15:59:10

How do you manage to dress right if you're between sizes? Do you go for the bigger size for comfort or is the smaller size the better option? It's not so much for my bottom half, I'm pretty standard there but my top half is between sizes in everything I've tried recently. Vest tops are not so bad, I just buy stretchy ones in the smaller size and wear them until they give a bit but everything else is a minefield. WWYD in regards to choosing the right size?

ToastedTeacakes Mon 15-Apr-13 17:57:01

I'm between sizes and have the opposite issue to you: my bottom half causes problems!
I can't go up to larger size as pants and jeans then sag at the arse, but any lower and I can't get them fastened. What I do is try to search for jeans in a 27 (this is between 8 and 10) which usually works, but for regular pants I just give up and move on to skirts or something. Sometimes I get lucky with a vanity sized 8!

If you have decent boobage maybe get the bigger size and tailor it to fit? It is wort doing this with special items that you know will turn out to be great cost per wear.

OneLittleLady Mon 15-Apr-13 17:59:47

I'm usually ok on the bottom half now I've worked out that I'm a bigger size in jeans than I am in skirts. I have fairly decent boobs (36E/34F) but they don't look big on me if you know what I mean? I think tailoring might be the way forward as you've suggested. Will have to look out for better quality things that will stand up to being altered rather than cheap fixes [sile]

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