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Highlights regrowth question

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Jemster Sun 14-Apr-13 19:32:29

I had highlights done last year but haven't had them done again as been on mat leave so no spare cash. Now back at work and want them doing as you can see where they're growing out. How does the hairdresser match up the existing ones with new ones? I can't see how they could just do the roots so would I end up with more of a block colour if I keep having more done over the top of each other? I am naturally brown so don't really want to end up with an allover blonde, I want it natural looking but noticeable. Any help would be appreciated as I'm hoping to book up tomorrow. Thanks

INeedThatForkOff Sun 14-Apr-13 19:35:49

Yes you would, but it takes quite a build up to get to the block colour (or a cack-handed colourist which was my problem sad).

Purplehonesty Sun 14-Apr-13 19:38:15

Mine does that as I leave it ages in between getting my hair done. The hairdresser will be able to pick up the bits that are already blonde and redo them. Your brown bits will stay brown. Or at least that's what happens with mine, it still ends up the same overall colour and matched in but it doesn't go blonde all over. Im sure there is a technical term and a better way of explaining it than that but don't worry they can do it somehow!!

ChocolateCremeEggBag Sun 14-Apr-13 19:42:16

My hairdresser puts through some mid brown colour in some of the foils to break up my highlights, she does it every second or third time when I start to look too flat blonde.
I don't think a hairdresser can really pick up the sections which were highlighted previously and then just do the regrowth (but happ to be proved wrong)

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