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A rant: see-through tops!

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oxcat1 Sun 14-Apr-13 14:16:19

I am currently in hospital, having spent 16 weeks in here since the start of Seltember. Agggghhh!

I have been totally spoiling myself - and also distracting myself - by perfecting my hospital wardrobe, so I can certainly work the style stakes if not the exercise bike. Always slightly awkward when ward round begins with the doctor handing over my most recent online delivery!

I've got some very cool trousers, including (all bought in the sale!) these from Joules, Debenhams and some second-hand Boden pull-ons from Ebay.

I get really hot, partly because of temperatures, and partly because I struggle with my breathing, so I bought a number of plain white t-shirts, mainly from H&M (with the discount codes!), thinking they would be nice and cool. Except they are all see-through. I can't sit there flashing my boobs at everyone! So then I bought white vests to go underneath, but then I am too hot again!

I thought perhaps I should buy vests designed to be worn alone, so bought a pink and a cream Joules vest for £3 from eBay, but not only are they really uncomfortable, because of some scratchy trim around the arms, but the dream one is still see-through! Nobody wants to see my boobies, honestly, they don't. And I thought Joules vests would be thick and opaque, given the price. Itchy and and transparent - pah!

I know I am spoiling myself, but to be fair, new pyjamas have been my only indulgence for the past few months, and I have quite enjoyed searching out the best bargains and cool designs. But this top thing is really getting to me.

Where can I get cool (as in not too hot!) t-shirts or vests that are not going to reveal everything? I can't be alone in finding this really annoying!

Right, rant over. As you were.....

oxcat1 Sun 14-Apr-13 22:47:24

Any suggestions of non-see through but yet still thin (not hot) vests and t-shirts? Must be able to withstand washing and drying in pretty basic machines operated by over-stretched nurses who, frankly, have much better things to do than my washing!

almostanotherday Sun 14-Apr-13 23:00:03

If this is any help I bought a couple of crop types vest/top things from eBay for £1.00 each with free postage and I wear them under any see through ish tops.

Accentuatethepositive Mon 15-Apr-13 07:31:51

What about a vest with secret support? Double layer in the boob area! I'm sitting here in a nursing vest which is basically the same idea and it's not see through at all.

Accentuatethepositive Mon 15-Apr-13 07:40:54


TheDoctrineOfSnatch Mon 15-Apr-13 07:41:02

Sports style breathable ones?

oxcat1 Mon 15-Apr-13 09:05:42

Ooh- some more suggestions! Thank you!

oxcat1 Mon 15-Apr-13 09:08:11

P.s. I should have said, the only slight problem with the secret support or cropped top idea is that the doctors have to listen to my heart/lungs everyday. There is always a slightly awkward moment where some uncomfortable junior doctor struggles desperately to get his stethoscope in under that band, and ends up with his hands pinched and my boots bifurcated! Probably worth that two minutes of embarrassment for the rest of the day free from it though!

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