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Weird make up queary. I have to be Heather Small. Help appreciated.

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WhoPaintedTheLion Sun 14-Apr-13 10:36:12

Ok. I find myself in the unusual situation of having to be Heather Small. Don't ask. Not only that, but I have to be Heather Small from the Perfect Day video. I have to look like her and it has to be filmed.

The main problem is her make up. Heather Small is black and has a gorgeous face. I am white (yes ok that's another problem) and have the complexion of shortbread dough.

I can do the hair, suprisingly well. In the video she's dressed very simply, wearing all cream/white, with gold accessories, so I am going to wear dark brown, and so it'll be something of a negative picture impression iyswim.

Her make up is very striking though. She is wearing blue and gold eye shadow, and dark reddish brown lipstick. This would not look good on me. I have pale skin, prone to pinkness, and have a bit of ginger in my hair/eyebrows.

What colour make up could I use to make the same kind of general impression? You can see her here at 1:33. The last time I used any kind of make up was for my wedding, which I promptly scrubbed off again. I have no clue whatsoever. So use basic words grin

HollaAtMeBaby Sun 14-Apr-13 21:31:30

Are you asking for advice on how to black up? hmm That's a bit... uncool.

INeedThatForkOff Sun 14-Apr-13 21:55:11

No she isn't, read the op.

WhoPaintedTheLion Mon 15-Apr-13 10:37:43

Black up? Certainly not. I want to know how I can achieve dramatic eye make up and lipstick which mimics Heather Small's but which will look fine with my skin tone.

DolomitesDonkey Mon 15-Apr-13 11:57:35

Right, because it is dramatic you're going to have to suck it up and embrace your inner drag-queen - there's no scope here for subtleties and frankly I don't see any value in "wouldn't suit you" as I feel that's irrelevant.

Get the trowel out and start shovelling - get the foundation on good and thick to make a perfect canvas, nobody wants to see your natural glow or freckles! What sort of shape are your eyebrows in? You are going to need to highlight these into well-painted medium arches. Eye make-up should be Priscilla queen of the desert, not job interview. Get false eyelashes - it's the only way you're going to get those big dark lashes on camera. Katy perrey does a range which are quite nice. Put them on at least an hour before you're on stage because they WILL make you feel heavy and weird.

Lips need to be dark and matt, so no high-gloss lip shine here. I'd use a bit of highlighter on your cheeks and temples though.

Check out YouTube videos as they're ever so helpful. I'd probably go to super drug and spend 20 quid on stuff I'll never use again.

WhoPaintedTheLion Mon 15-Apr-13 12:16:46

Wow, thanks!! That's very helpful. smile

DolomitesDonkey Mon 15-Apr-13 12:29:47

Fwiw - most people can wear ANY colour if they trowel it on right, it's only when you play it subtle that colours look shit. i.e., I'm a rosy-cheeked blue-eyed blonde so orange lipstick looks foul on me. However, if I were to slap it on drag-queen style I can wear orange lipstick and it's part of the "look".

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