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Holiday clothes

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PirateShit Fri 12-Apr-13 07:16:45

I don't post often, but lurk a lot and love the threads on s and b, have picked up some good tips.
I'm going on holiday in 5 weeks, first abroad holiday since my youngest was born 2.5 yrs ago. I was hoping to lose a bit of weight before I go, but I haven't due to being a lazy arse and work being manic, so now am resigned to the fact I will still be a 14/16 on my hols.
My prob is that I just don't know what to wear in hot weather that will suit me. I have my wardrobe sorted here and I have confidence in the outfits I wear. But dressing for hot weather involves sleeveless things and (shudder) swim wear, and I need some tips about items/styles that might suit me and flatter my shape please. Am feeling quite anxious about it tbh.
I am 5 foot 8, 31 yrs old, and size 14-16 depending on shop. Quite long legs, tummy a disaster area.
Thanks in advance.

miche8 Fri 12-Apr-13 08:52:32

I'm the same size as you although a couple of years older and slightly shorter. I'm apple shaped, just waiting for someone to ask if I'm pregnant. I'm going to take a strapless one piece swimsuit, but will also take a bikini in case I change my mind, the problem I have with bikini bottoms is that they roll down or my belly over hangs, I might order the boden bikini shorts as I had that style a few years ago just after I'd had a baby and remember really liking them until I lost them. I'm after some cotton dresses too but can't find anything in the shops, I'm sure it should all be out by now, don't want anything too short or too girlie as I don't wear dresses in this country. For the evening id like some smarter longer shorts, have plenty of tops, even adding jewellery to basic vests will be ok, I've been where we are going before. Do you know how dressy it will be where you are going? I will take the dreaded white linen trousers that everyone hates, nice to be able to cover my legs in case I get bitten, also considering a maxi skirt, have seen some in new look that don't look too full. It will be too hot for cropped jeans or chinos where I'm going, which is a shame as I wear them rolled up a lot in the summer. I will also take a flat sparkly pair of sandals for the evening, and fit flops for the day, wear wear converse on the plane. Last time I took 2 pairs of wedges and didn't wear them due to all the walking and non existent pavements, I don't even wears heels or wedges in this country so have no idea why I thought I would wear them abroad. I also stick to the neutral colours of black,navy, grey, white with coral and turquoise. Actually I will also be taking a pair of beige chino shorts.

PirateShit Fri 12-Apr-13 15:01:23

God, I'm dreading actually wearing a swimming cossie. I'm definitely going to go one piece, can't actually imagine wearing a bikini! My stomach definitely needs to be kept under wraps. I've never had a tankini, may try one on but I always imagine them to be uncomfortable somehow.

I've got some jersey maxi dresses that I will take for evening, the ones with drawstring waists. Like you say you can jazz them up with jewellery, you can't beat a statement necklace to detract from your wobbly tummy. Got a couple of maxi skirts too that are ok with camisoles.

It's the day time really, I used to just wear a bikini/cossie all day and not have a care in the world but those days are gone. I need to research cover up type things. I'm not really a shorts person. What kind of shorts suit you? I'm definitely an apple shape too (sob).

Like your colour scheme, mine is quite similar but don't do turquoise, I like khaki, coral, white, pale great etc.

miche8 Fri 12-Apr-13 16:38:25

Tankinis just roll up or the flab pokes out. I've just ordered some denim and chinos shorts from next, they're not as short as the ones you see in new look, I will wear them during the day with vests or a cotton shirt with rolled up sleeves. I'm not very girlie and feel silly in kaftans, I especially avoid anything patterned.

Google the wearing it today blog and search for her holiday wardrobe, that's what I've got in mind of how I want to look.

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