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White boots - whaddya reckon?

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AmberNectarine Thu 11-Apr-13 19:18:43

After a mixed response on MN Vogue, I thought id throw it open; I'm thinking of buying these boots - am I mad?

dexter73 Thu 11-Apr-13 19:27:41

I think there is a good reason they are reduced so much, so it's a no from me!

santamarianovella Thu 11-Apr-13 19:47:13

save your money,it looks like it came from dolly partons wardrobe grin

lostinindia Thu 11-Apr-13 19:49:57

Dreadful. This is a joke right?

AmberNectarine Thu 11-Apr-13 19:52:41

It's not going well...

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Thu 11-Apr-13 19:53:25

Sorry, Amber - they are horrible. DD2's teacher once accidentally tipped a whole bottle of Tipex over dd2's new school shoes and those boots look exactly the same colour as her shoes did.

AmberNectarine Thu 11-Apr-13 19:54:49

Ah, no worries, everyone's entitled to an opinion! I do still think I love them though...

VivaLeBeaver Thu 11-Apr-13 19:54:51

I quite fancy some white boots or maybe brogues but I wouldn't have those.

tethersend Thu 11-Apr-13 19:55:50

A huge yes from me.

I love white boots- I have five pairs including vintage 70s lace up gogo boots and tasseled cowboy ones.

Am quite tempted by those, actually.

BillStickersIsInnocent Thu 11-Apr-13 19:56:00

I like them actually.

I have quite big feet so wouldn't suit me but on a petite person could look really good.

willyoulistentome Thu 11-Apr-13 19:56:29

Really? I mean REALLY?

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Thu 11-Apr-13 19:58:25

I knew you'd like them, Tethers. smile

tethersend Thu 11-Apr-13 20:16:59

You know me well, Remus grin

Gorjuss Thu 11-Apr-13 20:18:25

Great for line dancing.

QueenCadbury Thu 11-Apr-13 20:20:05

If you still love them after everyone has insulted them then you definitely should get them.

foxysocks Thu 11-Apr-13 20:20:46

hmm, after replying yes on MNV am now thinking no. not because i don't like white boots, I think you would style 'em up and rock them. I just think you can probs find better elsewhere.

i think it's the sole/heel next to the white-ness that is making me rethink.

AmberNectarine Thu 11-Apr-13 20:26:21

I do. Besides I was wearing Wedge trainers back when they were decreed to be the ugliest footwear known to mankind on here. Now look. You'll all be wearing white cowboy boots in 6m, you mark my words.

<doesn't hold breath>

AlanMoore Thu 11-Apr-13 20:36:07

Get them! I saw a blue skirt in m&s yesterday that they would look great with, with bare legs and a plain white vest.

AlanMoore Thu 11-Apr-13 20:39:07

What are you going to wear them with? I'm picturing them with a white 60s shift too. Or skinny cords and something graphic but knitted, and a 5 point haircut, sort of 'mod on a ranch'.

(I only lurk on s&b normally but these boots have excited me)

AmberNectarine Thu 11-Apr-13 20:51:20

I was thinking pale grey skinnies and a sky blue slouchy vest but I think they'd go with a lot. Like the sound of the skirt and vest idea a lot!

AmberNectarine Thu 11-Apr-13 20:52:06

I have to confess my ignorance regarding a '5 point haircut'...

AlanMoore Thu 11-Apr-13 23:08:31

I think that's what they're called...the Vidal Sassoon haircuts, like Mary Quant's but with the pointy fringe?

I think this is the skirt it looked a lot nicer from halfway across the shop and much greyer - perhaps this isn't it? I hope not, I was in a rush so didn't go over to examine but was looking forward to going back for another look - the website photo isn't nice but M&S website is a badly lit mess so who knows.
River Island and La Redoute have both got similar (much nicer) skirts in white/cream which would look lovely with a soft denim shirt? Not sure about not white against very white boots though...not very helpful!

AlwaysOneMissing Thu 11-Apr-13 23:19:27

I opened the link feeling sure I would hate them, but actually, they are pretty nice! I know you would style these perfectly so I think you should get them. Even if you only wear them a handful of times, at that price I think it's worth it.
Ps - quite like that M&S skirt too!

mamalovesmojitos Thu 11-Apr-13 23:43:07

I like them.

UnrequitedSkink Thu 11-Apr-13 23:48:55

Weirdly, I like them! And I can see how they might work with that blue skirt, which has a bit of a western vibe. However, I SUSPECT you'd only get away with that combo if you are stunningly gorgeous and a bit edgy...are you these things? I'm just not sure if they're wearable for the average person...iyswim. However, if you can pull them off, then I bow forever to your funk. And I am jealous.

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