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Boho summer wedding help please!

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FreshLeticia Thu 11-Apr-13 18:22:32

My lovely SIL and her DP are getting married in a marqee in a field in July - bit of a family tradition really as we did the same a few years ago.
It may be wet underfoot so I need the option of flats or wellies, so I thought I would wear wide linen trousers, I have lovely ones in both cream and white.

I was considering this biker style jacket in either the coral or turquoise with seventies block or heel platforms and lots of jewellery as usual
I am blonde, size 14 with massive norks so often need a 16 on top, scandinavian colouring, tan well and suit both those colours.
I need a longish silky / floaty top with scoop or v neck to go under the jacket. Would prefer not fitted at the waist grin and high necks look awful.
Have hunted around the web but am dreading going shopping.
Any ideas welcome.

FreshLeticia Thu 11-Apr-13 18:23:59

meant block heels or wedges blush

SirToffeeDoris Thu 11-Apr-13 19:31:29

Sleeveless any good? Too much fabric? £59.50

FreshLeticia Thu 11-Apr-13 19:49:34

ooh that's along the lines I was thinking. Is it too white though? should I go for cream or nude or eau de nil depending on which jacket?

FreshLeticia Fri 12-Apr-13 07:59:00

just bumping

ivanapoo Fri 12-Apr-13 10:24:09

French connection do silk vests in various colours:

FreshLeticia Fri 12-Apr-13 21:51:08

aarggh, can't open that one. Have been to several of our local boutiques renowned for outfits for weddings etc and they have only managed to come up with hideous matronly chiffon with huge garish flowers on it.
I know technically I'm matronly, but I don't like to reinforce it with clothing grin
Am now considering buying a silk or fine linen vest top and customising it. Thank God I can sew.

Went to have both DDs fitted for bridesmaids today and they both looked lovely. DD9 in ivory organza and DD18 in 'sludge green grin' which she is having shortened to upper thigh length and is a size 8 which has to be taken in except around her ample bosom. I am so envious. I must have looked like that at her age, but I was a very underconfident teen and never flaunted it. Now I'd be happy to flaunt it, but it isn't pretty enough to flaunt anymore at my age! How ironic eh?

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