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Uniqlo Ultra Stretch jeans....

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Ogooglebar Thu 11-Apr-13 16:11:52

Has anyone tried them, or any other Uniqlo jeans? Any good? I haven't bought jeans for ages but an email about these ones just appeared in my inbox and is tempting me.

Spottyegg Mon 15-Apr-13 15:18:50

I tried these one - to note the black seemed a tighter than the grey or denim (stiffer material). I am usually a 27 (or 26 on a thin day) and I could fit into the 23, although if I were to buy a pair I would buy the 24 - they were still not as tight as they could have been around the waist. I have no hips though and am very straight up and down. But definitely size down a lot! I think I prefer a higher rise as these felt as if they could loosen out round the waist and then slip down.

stripeyjimjams Wed 17-Apr-13 14:24:38

Can anyone recommend any high-rise Uniqlo jeans? I love all my dresses and tops from Uniqlo, and would love to try some jeans, but I have a long torso and need a high waist.

Sh1ney Wed 17-Apr-13 17:55:17

Ordered some of these on the strength of this thread and they arrived today. I am a size 8-10 < probably more a 10 right now > and I went for the 27 inch. They feel nice and look great but I should have maybe just gone down an inch if they're going to expand. And why are they so long? 33 inches! I managed to jig them about a bit but I'm a touch under 5 ft 4 and usually buy 30 inch length.

dexter73 Wed 17-Apr-13 18:08:38

They don't seem to grow when I am wearing them so you should be ok. I love them being 33 inch length as usually skinnies are a bit short for me!

Mette7 Wed 17-Apr-13 20:13:26

Mine haven't grown at all so if they fit well now I wouldn't worry about it. They are super stretchy after all so maybe they're not ' growers' like other uniqlo jeans. I just got one inch down from my usual size.

maybemyrtle Thu 18-Apr-13 09:03:23

Just to add that I went in yesterday and the navy wasn't as nice as I'd hoped. I think the faded washes are better in this fabric somehow.

JazzDalek Sat 20-Apr-13 16:05:40

Bought a pair of these based on this thread, and absolutely love them. They are so comfortable. I always struggle with skinny jeans, as I love the look but can't bear clothes that are too tight and restricting. These are a lovely snug fit but comfortable with it, no restrictiveness at all, from waist right down to ankle.

Size-wise, I am a large 10 / 12 and went for 27 (I would normally buy a 29 or 30 in jeans). Great fit, I could probably squeeze into 26, even, but might feel a bit like a sausage grin

febel Mon 23-Feb-15 15:12:58

Well, am sorry to all those who like Uniqlo jeans, I am going to offer a voice of disent about them :-(

I ordered some after reading the posts and blogs of various people who raphosoded about them but I have to say they are NOT for me! The black ones (skinnies) were of a horrid velvety type denim...the sort which shows every fluff mark, and the denim ones were an awful fit on me...very middle aged looking. I find River Island and Miss Selfridge jeans normally fit will go back to those. Had hoped the Uniqlo ones would be better cos I resent having to wash jeans just to get them back into shape and read Uniqlo ones stayed in shape. I also found, despite measuring carefully, that for me they were on the generous side..and I wouldn't say I am a skinny minny...I am a 12 in River Island and 10 in Miss Selfridge and after 3 children, in my 40 s , am not concave of stomach!

Perhaps this will teach me not to beleive all I read! ;-)

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