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Uniqlo Ultra Stretch jeans....

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Ogooglebar Thu 11-Apr-13 16:11:52

Has anyone tried them, or any other Uniqlo jeans? Any good? I haven't bought jeans for ages but an email about these ones just appeared in my inbox and is tempting me.

maybemyrtle Thu 11-Apr-13 16:16:57

I love them! Really stretchy and comfy, but substantial enough that they don't look jegging-y. Generous fitting so size down. I've had other Uniqlo jeans over the years too, they generally do good quality denim.

Ogooglebar Thu 11-Apr-13 16:20:47

Thanks maybe! I will order a couple of sizes to try I think.

coreny Thu 11-Apr-13 16:22:18

how do you know what size to get though?

Ogooglebar Thu 11-Apr-13 16:24:29

I'm just basing it on my jeans from other companies - usually a 26 so going to order a 25 and a 26? Or is that wrong?

coreny Thu 11-Apr-13 16:25:14

I am a size 12 ... what size should I get?

Ogooglebar Thu 11-Apr-13 16:26:42

I don't know but they have a size guide on their website. I'm an 8, so maybe you should get two sizes bigger than me?

maybemyrtle Thu 11-Apr-13 16:28:45

If you go the webpage they have garment measurements so you can check which size would be best for you - they are stretchy though! I'm a 10ish and usually 28-29 waist, and a 27 works best for me in the ultra stretch ones.

coreny Thu 11-Apr-13 16:30:30

ok thanks smile

I like uniqlo stuff - I get ds1 t-shirts from there and he wants some new ones anyway...<gets out bank card >

macandcheesewithbaconbits Thu 11-Apr-13 21:39:42

Was also looking at these. But was put off cos it looked like they don't do free returns. Anyone know?

PetiteMum Thu 11-Apr-13 21:43:00

I have a pair and they are great! V stretchy so don't sag or fall down

SundaeGirl Thu 11-Apr-13 21:43:11

I find Uniqlo far too stretchy, they are inexpensive though for how nice they can look. Size right down and make sure they feel tight cos they'll expand in the first hour you wear them.

kikidee Thu 11-Apr-13 21:57:59

They don't do free returns, macandcheese, which is a pain.

dexter73 Thu 11-Apr-13 22:09:59

I have 2 pairs and think they are great. Definitely buy them tight.

KristinaM Thu 11-Apr-13 22:17:48

I have other uniqlo jeans but not ultra stretch.

I am the same size in uniqlo as I am in gap.this bears no resemblance to their size guide , which indicates I should buy a couple of sizes bigger

YouCanCallMeBetty Thu 11-Apr-13 22:28:55

They do do Collect Plus free returns. I love their Super Skinny Tapered jeans - think the denim's a bit thicker than the Ultra Stretch

YouCanCallMeBetty Thu 11-Apr-13 22:30:23

ps I'm usually a 10-12 and I get 26 in Uniqlo - they are generous IMO

Ogooglebar Thu 11-Apr-13 23:10:18

Thanks all, I ordered them before I read this, probably should have sized down more than I did but we'll see. I hate it when jeans grow a size after first wear, had some £70 levis that did that angry

Ogooglebar Sat 13-Apr-13 17:08:16

They arrived today and are absolutely gorgeous! They look really nice on the bum, which is unusual for stretch jeans. But I think I might have to go another size down if they're going to grow. I'm sitting around in them this afternoon to see if they go baggy smile

KristinaM Sat 13-Apr-13 19:49:29

Good news! Thanks for coming back to update us smile

maybemyrtle Sat 13-Apr-13 20:41:22

Great! Glad you like them. Which colour did you get? I'm thinking of getting the "navy" ones, I wonder if they're a good true indigo.

50shadesofmeh Sat 13-Apr-13 21:06:40

How are these on the rise? Are they low or high? I'm looking for skinny jeans that hold in my muffin fat.

Ogooglebar Sat 13-Apr-13 22:07:13

I got the lightest blue ones maybe, these ones. They're really soft and comfy. They haven't gone baggy at all yet so I'm thinking I'll keep these ones, which are one size smaller than I'd usually get. Let me know if the navy ones are like proper indigo jeans cos I might get some too smile

50 they're called middle rise - they're definitely not low, no danger of builders bum. They might be a bit too soft and stretchy to hold anything in though!

PinkMangoSays Sun 14-Apr-13 13:39:43

Does anyone know how they compare to topshop sizes? I'm a 24 in topshop but I've had a look on their website and they don't have measurements so i'm unsure how to compare :S

If it's any help I don't fit Gap sizes as the 24 waists are just a little bit too loose and tend to fall off a bit

Would 23 in Uniqlo be ok?

Ogooglebar Sun 14-Apr-13 13:47:13

Topshop sizes are just standard aren't they? I'm an 8 in Topshop, a 26 in their jeans, so I reckon a 23 in Uniqo would be ok for you (could be a bit big but they don't go any smaller!) They have a size chart but I think it gives the measurements of the jeans laid flat rather than waist/hip measurements, so you could measure your Topshop jeans and compare it to that.

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