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Suggest me a hair style

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TheYamiOfYawn Thu 11-Apr-13 11:56:33

I want a hair cut. My hair is currently shoulder length with a fringe, and was a bit layered, but I haven't had it cut for almost a year. I have put a picture of myself on my profile so you can give me hair advice. The picture is a couple of years old, so I look a bit more haggard now, and my hair is now dyed a not terribly flattering dark blonde.

I am fairly scruffy but am aiming for more elegance after reading the wealrthy/grooming threads, so I want something that looks good with very little day to day maintenance. I am being very frugal, so plan on getting it cut at the local hairdressing college, so I would like to go with something in mind rather than just leaving up to the hairdresser.

So, give me tips on cut, colour, styling, and products/equipment for keeping it looking good, please.

nellyjelly Thu 11-Apr-13 12:47:37

How do you look at a profile on an ipad? If I knew I would try and advise you!

TheYamiOfYawn Thu 11-Apr-13 12:56:19

I have no idea. Have alink to my flickr photo instead:

nellyjelly Thu 11-Apr-13 19:44:08

Choppy, flicky bob? Maybe side parting rather than a fringe?

nellyjelly Thu 11-Apr-13 19:45:03

As for colour..... I like 2 or 3 tones, mix of ark and light to give texture.

Ooh you look like Uma whatsername. Side fringe and flicky would be lovely.


TheYamiOfYawn Thu 11-Apr-13 19:59:51

Oh, I really like that, and I think my hair could do than without too much styling.

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