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What does a 13/14 yr old wear to a christening?

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IAmSheWhoMustBeObeyed Wed 10-Apr-13 13:53:02

DD1 has a wardrobe full but (imo) it's all trash. New look. So I need to find something suitable before Sunday. But, having checked out Next, Boden and er, H&M I'm stumped. Does anyone make smart but not too formal/bridesmaidy type clothes for this age range? At the moment she may have wear the dark denim shorts, black opaques, tan shoes, stripey long sleeve top and navy New Look gilet she had on yesterday.

BellaVita Wed 10-Apr-13 13:59:52

Is she getting christened or is she a guest?

Tbh I wouldn't put a 13/14 yr old in any bridesmaidy thing to be christened.

Monsoon have some lovely dresses that could be worn with heels/ballet flats.

BellaVita Wed 10-Apr-13 14:07:26

this is lovely, saw it yesterday in Monsoon

BellaVita Wed 10-Apr-13 14:10:25

this looked pretty too.

IAmSheWhoMustBeObeyed Wed 10-Apr-13 14:12:05

No, no her baby cousin is getting christened and I don't want my DD to look bridesmaidy.
Monsoon dress is lovely but too expensive and DD doesn't always fit an 8 in adult sizes yet.
Sigh. It's a very in between age.

BellaVita Wed 10-Apr-13 14:16:40

I have DS2 (14 in Nov) - we struggle with him. He is like a flippin' sparrow and has the body size of a 10yr old.

How about Asos?

BellaVita Wed 10-Apr-13 14:19:10

Asos, very pretty and petite sizing!

BellaVita Wed 10-Apr-13 14:21:38

worn with black tights and ballet flats?

TheWoollybacksWife Wed 10-Apr-13 14:25:38

DD2 wore this in peach to a recent family christening. It is from the adult range but sizes seem to come up small. It looked lovely with a black cardigan and ballet flats. It was just above her knee and she is about 5'5".

IAmSheWhoMustBeObeyed Wed 10-Apr-13 14:38:38

Ah the words Skater Dress were mentioned by DD. Off to have a look further.

BellaVita Wed 10-Apr-13 15:14:11

funky! Would appeal to a 13/14 year old

IAmSheWhoMustBeObeyed Wed 10-Apr-13 16:01:35

Funky! Yeeha! Not sure at a christening. Being a.impatient and the mood, I am dragging all three DCs down the shops right now for another trawl around bearing in mind the words Skater Dress.

BellaVita Wed 10-Apr-13 16:06:05

Yes but she is 13/14 and I think based on your previous description of her clothes, it would be a good compromise and with tights and flats would look nice.

BellaVita Wed 10-Apr-13 16:07:03

Look in Republic and Zara if you are off into town.

AlwaysSleepingBeauty Wed 10-Apr-13 16:12:53

Sorry to jump on the bandwagon but is that dress more peach than ivory TheWoolybacksWife please ? I quite fancy it for myself!

TheWoollybacksWife Wed 10-Apr-13 16:18:58

In the shop they had both peach and ivory but the website only shows the ivory one. Both gorgeous and look way more expensive than they actually cost. The lace is heavy rather than net curtain nylon IYKWIM smile

AlwaysSleepingBeauty Wed 10-Apr-13 16:20:47

Thank you- it's not a shop I've ever looked in but that dress is really pretty.

Startail Wed 10-Apr-13 16:23:35

miss Selfridge go right down to size 4

My 15y formal dress is burgandy lace from there.

Startail Wed 10-Apr-13 16:25:43

I don't know where you are, but there is a miss selfrigidge hidden in our house of Fraser.

KristinaM Wed 10-Apr-13 16:37:22

My 13 yo DD woudl wear a skater type dress with a waistcoat or jacket and scarf, opaques and ballet flats or boots . Best dresses recently have been from h and m kids

She is in between kids sizes /styles and adults so I share your pain.

I don't get much for her in next, it's either childish or boring. She's too tall for Zara kids. New look and top shop are xpensive trash, primark is better quality and much cheaper.

Unless you family are extremely posh or stupid they won't expect your teenager to be dressed up. As long as she looks like she's Made An Effort ie not completely scruffy or goth

KristinaM Wed 10-Apr-13 16:47:12

She would wear this

With belt to cover cheap elastic, cardi or jacket and scarf to dress it up . And opaques and ballet flats. She has sparkly silver ones which dress up plainer stuff .

And something sparkly in her hair ( combs and that other shizz they wear)

It's cheap and she can wear it again in the summer

All her friends are into scarves and navy jersey blazers . Goodness knows why as they all have to wear a black blazer to school

IAmSheWhoMustBeObeyed Wed 10-Apr-13 19:50:27

Hi. Can't click link Kristina sorry.
Well we got a black, jersey, skater shape dress from Dorothy Perkins. It was reduced to £12!! I can't find a pic on their website but it has three quarter sleeves and the skirt is slightly longer than most of the others she tried on. She likes it, I like it and she can accessorise it up.
Thanks for suggestions.

IAmSheWhoMustBeObeyed Wed 10-Apr-13 19:55:15

Bella we checked Republic but they have hardly any stock left nowsad
startail that is a pretty dress. I never think of Miss Selfridge as it's tucked away at the end of the main shopping street here.

KristinaM Thu 11-Apr-13 11:01:29

That's sounds like a good buy. Will look good with pretty accessories for the christening and with boots , opaques /leggings nd gilet or denim jacket etc for going out with her friends. Result

BellaVita Thu 11-Apr-13 13:36:57


I like it when it is a win win situation all round grin

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