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Learning Facial Threading

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slippilippi Tue 09-Apr-13 13:44:16

Hi. I live in the Canaries and will be visiting London, staying in Tooting, arriving on the 8th May and returning 16th May. Can anyone recommend a salon or college where I could learn threading at a reasonable price. Im constantly being asked for this treatment. Even if theres someone out there that can show me 1 - 1 for a couple of hours. Im willing to pay you. Fingers crossed.
Linda X

Lurleene Tue 09-Apr-13 18:03:57

I know it's not the same as a proper lesson, but there are loads of tutorials on Youtube which might be helpful.

slippilippi Fri 17-May-13 17:50:37

Well everyone. I arrived in Norbury for my 1 week holiday seeing the sights of London with my London Pass and fabulous travel ticket, saved loads of money buying this on line in advance. I dropped in to "Kiss" shop/beauty salon on the main road. The lovely lady in the back threaded my eyebrows, then tinted them for the princely sum of £6. She then taught me how to thread. I have now got to find some victims....errr.... guinea pigs to practice on. Wish me luck. Will let you know how I get on. Im hoping this will reap rewards. Linda X

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