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I need some advice on DD's crazy wavy hair please

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frumperina Mon 08-Apr-13 16:59:42

My hair is dead straight so I have no idea what to do with DD's lovely wavy/ curly hair.
She is only 2.5 and has never had a haircut. Up until very recently her hair fell into nice ringlets, mostly around the back but is less curly around the top of her head and around her face. I'm not very good at describing it, hope that makes some sense.
Now it seems her hair is more wavy, less curly and she doesn't really get the nice ringlets anymore. She looks like she has been dragged through a hedge backwards most of the time. Doesn't help that she doesn't really like to have any clips in her hair. blush
Is this because the hair is now too long and pulling out the curls? When wet her hair is down to her mid shoulder blades, sort of chin length when dry.
What can I do to make her hair a bit more tidy? Products? Haircut? Shave it all off? wink If we have to brave the first haircut can anyone recommend somewhere in SW London?

RugBugs Mon 08-Apr-13 17:14:38

We have the same problem and I'm doing what I remember my mum doing with my baby Sister.
A spritz of leave-in conditioner after washing and put it in a ponytail to dry. If I do this I feel ok about her having it loose, if its left down to dry it looks a right state (grandparents/random old ladies seem to love her mop of crazy curls but I had the same hair and hated it).
If we're in a rush so no morning hair wash she gets a quick spritz of conditioner and up in a ponytail to avoid the Krusty clown look!

KelleStar Mon 08-Apr-13 17:34:01

Agree with leave in conditioner, works a treat on my DD's frizz prone hair. It makes neat curls. Also love the tangle teaser, makes short work of knotty hair. I found getting the ends trimmed made such a difference to the quality of her hair. Didn't realise she had so many split ends.

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