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PLEASE help to me to deck out a reluctant (when it comes to shopping!) DP for our wedding

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amazinglightshow Mon 08-Apr-13 12:32:58

DP (Dh-to-be) is 29, 6'1 and a half, slim build, and gorgeous. he could wear a sack and look good, but obviously can't do that on his wedding day. He HATES shopping and most 'trends' and turns into a big old sulk whenever he has to buy clothes. In general, I do not dress him as that is not the kind of thing I want to do. However, our wedding is in a few weeks' time and he is just going to leave it too late if I don't intervene!

Right, so: our wedding is to be a very small and informal day. He owns this suit from M&S which looks brilliant on him and has only been worn once before. We both think it's a good choice for the day.

- What colour shirt and tie would be good to go under it? He needs a double-cuff shirt, slim fit, 15 and a half inches. A slim tie looks far better on him than a fat one.

- The model appears to be wearing a waistcoat underneath, but I can't find a link to the waistcoat. I think DP would be up for a discreet waistcoat, but it'll have to match the suit. Can anybody help?

(Oh, and my dress is this, if it helps.)

flowers to anyone who has made it this far - thanks for any suggestions.

MildredH Mon 08-Apr-13 12:36:27

Sorry no really helpful suggestions for your DP but.. Your dress is beautiful!

Could he complement your colour with his waistcoat/tie?

amazinglightshow Mon 08-Apr-13 12:38:35

Oh thank you Mildred, how nice of you smile

Yes I think he could complement it slightly but I don't think a full-on matching shirt would be great. Saw a grey-and-blush pink tie in Debenhams which he was sort of looking at - but tbh it was a bit silky and floral and hideous.

But that kind of thing, yes...

MildredH Mon 08-Apr-13 12:56:41

I guess a complementary tie would be the best way to blend without being too matchy!

My DH gets nice ties at TM lewin & Thomas pink..

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