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Cream or beige blazer

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rubytutu Sun 07-Apr-13 22:43:06

try the zara jogging blazers they are a great fit

Pinkpiglet Sun 07-Apr-13 21:02:42

That's really nice OneLittleLady. Unfortunately not available in my size but I'll see if they have it instore

OneLittleLady Sun 07-Apr-13 20:57:05[270997|229998]&noOfRefinements=1

This sorry

OneLittleLady Sun 07-Apr-13 20:56:50

not an exact colour match but something similar to this perhaps?[270997|229998]&noOfRefinements=1

Pinkpiglet Sun 07-Apr-13 20:51:45

Evening all

I wonder if anyone can help me.
I would like cream/beige blazer that is smart enough to wear with a navy dress for a wedding but will also look good with dark slim jeans and ballet pumps.

I'm only 5'3" so it can't be anything too long. Size 10-12.
I've not seen many about so would appreciate recommendations of blazers you've seen.

Thanks in advance

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