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Ski care help please

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SarahLundKicksAss Sun 07-Apr-13 22:50:34

You should keep your skis waxed and edged at all times, and watch out for rust spots! grin grin

AlwaysSleepingBeauty Sun 07-Apr-13 22:41:36

I have oily but sensitive skin and really like the Soap and Glory hot cloth cleanser.

ujjayi Sun 07-Apr-13 22:27:01

Simple skin care is excellent. I use the face mask once a week and find that really helps. DS1 uses the daily facial wash and it doesn't dry out his skin unlike teen ranges.

WallyBantersJunkBox Sun 07-Apr-13 22:01:01

Have you tried the oil cleansing method? Google it for method and oil suggestions.

MrsAceRimmer Sun 07-Apr-13 20:11:09

Hello, first time posting in S&B smile
I'm nearly 31 and after having DD a couple of years ago, my skin has gotten all greasy and spotty like teen skin. I've been trying some teenage skincare, but I'm finding them far too harsh.
Do you lovely people have any recommendations I could try? Preferably not too expensive as we're on a fairly tight budget here.

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