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Please give me some ideas of "office" wear for my 16 year old

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Howsaboutthat Sun 07-Apr-13 17:50:39

DD is starting at an independent 6th form in September. The dress code for 6 formers is smart office wear (doesn't have to be a suit for girls although basically for boys it is suit and tie (so much easier!)).

DD is there on a bursary, so don't want her to look like the pauper amongst the rich kids, but don't have the cash to wear the lables.

She's tiny, she looks about 12 (never wears makeup or anything), is 5'2" and a size 6/8.

Anyone able to link me to items for her. Due to being out of the house 7-7 during the week. I would like to ensure that I have enough for 5 days a week wear with no washing needed during the week. And ideally 10 combinations of clothes, so it looks like she has a variety of outfits.

Springdiva Mon 08-Apr-13 08:05:41

grey trousers, white blouse, nice find knit black cardi

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