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I don't think there is anything anyone can do to make this better,but need to vent!

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notapoloshirtperson Sat 06-Apr-13 19:19:09

I have worked for the same company for 4 yrs.

Up until now we didn't wear uniforms.just told to dress smartly without too much flesh on show.

I work in fairly high end customer service and am on call 24/6.
I work in a very hot country. I usually wear smart shift dresses and flat ballet pumps or sandals when dealing with customers. I work alone mainly on a one to one.We had name tags worn in a necklace style for ID purposes and also carry a file with co logo. So easily identifiable.

I have been informed that I now have to wear a polo shirt!
I haven't seen it in the flesh, only a photo. It doesn't look nice at all.
I am 5'2". Size 10 hour glass figure. My bottom does not look good in trousers.I am 40.

How can anyone make a polo shirt look nice? What on earth will I wear with it? How can sportswear be considered smart? Will baseball caps be their next plan?

To top it all I don't think they are 100% cotton and I will be provided with just 2 and they are white. How will I stop sweat patches?

Thanks for listening, I know I am probably overeacting, I am so upset, but the on call thing complicates things, as at the moment I can go and do my shopping/go for lunch etc and wear a nice dress. Now what??

DeafLeopard Sun 07-Apr-13 20:48:15

I can understand a polo top being uniform in a day nursery or DIY store etc, but in a high end customer service role - no it just doesn't fit the bill.

MrsKoala Sun 07-Apr-13 21:26:15

i feel your pain. i used to work in a high end bar in central London (serving drinks - before your smutty minds leap to conclusions!) which had a glamourous atmosphere and we were told to dress as if we were going on a sophisticated night out. I went on holiday and arrived back to find it had been bought out, and was being turned into a sports bar - we were to wear polo shirts, no make up and all hair scraped back. shock

i actually quit. <not helpful i know>

notapoloshirtperson Sun 07-Apr-13 22:13:32

MrsKoala, I feel like quitting. However in the current climate it's not an option. And I really love my job!

Also I felt I was over reacting, though it's good to have the opinions on here confirm that I am not being silly about this!

Deaf,I also feel a polo shirt is for the getting messy type jobs, to save your own clothes from getting ruined. I have worked in childcare and happily wore a polo shirt. I do recall having 3 for a 5 day week, though!

I just can't understand why on earth they would choose to put us in polo shirts, when there are so many other options to choose from!

Anyway, I will have to just suck it up. I have made my feelings known, and believe my collegues have done the same.

The shirts have a logo, so unable to wear a similar/nicer fitting top. They obviously need the free advertising!!

Thanks for all your help!

NomDeOrdinateur Mon 08-Apr-13 09:21:30

That's ridiculous - poor you! If I were you, I'd get the polo shirts altered to fit you better (wider at the top than the bottom, and change the sleeves to cap sleeves). I'd probably wear it like this but with a longer skirt.

RE the perspiration problem - if you really can't get more shirts, I'd recommend using dress shields to protect the armpit areas, and wear a thin cotton vest top underneath.

notapoloshirtperson Mon 08-Apr-13 11:13:12

Thanks Nom!

notapoloshirtperson Mon 08-Apr-13 11:22:42

Quite liking the Amy Winehouse look! Just need to get some red stilletos and book a few sessions with the tatooist! >goes off to practise back combing hair..

DeafLeopard Mon 08-Apr-13 12:05:07

Actually the Amy Winehouse look isn't too bad - are you any good with doing alterations?

notapoloshirtperson Mon 08-Apr-13 12:40:53

No, I can't ,but one of my collegues is a whizz with a sewing machine!
She is equally horrified, she is far more glamorous, than I am!

Yep think mega glam, may be the way to go.If I wear towering stillettos and red lipstick, who is going to notice the low cut polo shirt with too much cleavage?
I don't have to do too much walking, still, concerned about ankle breakage on uneven pavements...

Am I brave enough though??

NomDeOrdinateur Mon 08-Apr-13 12:56:39

You're welcome, glad I could help! I had a similar problem a few years back and that solution worked for me - it's worth spending a bit on finding a subtly interesting belt and matching shoes (mine were oxblood leather, with black clothes).

One tip though - if your workplace is suddenly introducing a uniform, it's probably best to get the enforcers to accept that the altered top/waist belt/skirt/heels combo is the most professional look you can achieve, before you start pushing boundaries by making more of a statement with undone buttons and obvious make-up. I've always found that suddenly bestowing uniform enforcement responsibilities suddenly on a person often brings out "the traffic warden within" (especially if A- they don't have to wear any uniform, or B- they have to wear the same uniform and aren't pulling it off as well as you are).

Good luck smile.

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