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high street maternity wear???

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shelley72 Fri 05-Apr-13 17:13:33

hi i am after (amongst other things) some casual type tops that can be worn with jeans - preferably long or 3/4 sleeve as i am always cold! had a search for all the usual cheaper places (new look, h&m, top shop) and nothing is grabbing me. lots of pale, pale colours which i guess are spring-like but not good for me! and i can't find any maternity wear at all in dorothy perkins - have they stopped doing it?

where else could i try? i dont want to spend a fortune as i'm almost 28 weeks now and this is my last pg (DH says!) so wont get that much wear out of it, especially if the warm weather comes as i have some forgiving dresses which will do until july. or any suggestions for 'normal' tops that will accommodate a growing bump?

i am 40, 5'7 pre preg size 10, a frumpy 'mum' cliche in that i usually love a stripy top and a skinny jean smile, have been known to shop in boden, white co, white stuff, oasis, fat face, joules etc but really dont want to spend a lot at the moment especially if it wont last beyond pregnancy.

please can someone point me in the right direction? i am having no idea how to dress my growing bump and i look (and feel) terrible and not very well put together at the moment. i just want to feel nice.

thank you

CitrusyOne Fri 05-Apr-13 17:17:59

I got some good basic t-shirts from new look online- and if you're lucky you can find some in the sale. I found that searching online was the best cos there is so little in store- other than h&m where the opposite was true- but you have to find a store local to you that stocks a decent amount of maternity clothes.

curlyclaz13 Fri 05-Apr-13 17:18:29

I bought a nice white with blue stripes top from JoJo mama whatever it's called for about £25, 3/4 sleeves and feels like good quality fabric to me.

BeanoGrigio Fri 05-Apr-13 17:18:51

I bought this from m and s and think it looks better in rl than in that pic and good with skinny jeans and a cardi. Is that the kind of thing you meant?

elspartacus Fri 05-Apr-13 17:22:48

I am using long vests from h and m and under other tops (eg empire line tops from white stuff, stretchy joules tops too) which keep me warm and let me use some non maternity stuff. Agree colours in h and m not great just now but their long stretchy t shirt maternity tops are my staple currently! Jojo maman bebe wrap around tops (got mine from eBay) also good.

FoofFighter Fri 05-Apr-13 17:26:45

Surprised you couldn't find something in New Look, I have one of each colour in their 3/4 sleeve boat neck long length tops, and every other top they do is stripy!

Dorothy Perkins don't even do anything maternity aside from a few pairs of jeans online now hmm

Matalan sometimes have instore but also do basics online.

WillSingForCake Fri 05-Apr-13 17:29:42

Have you tried eBay?

shelley72 Fri 05-Apr-13 17:38:22

i do have a jojo wrap top which i cant bloody wrap for the life of me but it looks quite dressed up for school run! there was a pack of t shirts on the new look website which contained a stripe and a blue top (and a coral top which i probably wouldnt wear). only store near to me with maternity wear are jojo and new look but both have VERY small sections (upstairs - grrr). think i may have to venture further afield once school starts again..

have tried ebay but have always been outbid. watching a few things at the moment so fingers crossed.

and dont even get me started on maternity nightwear....!

BeanoGrigio Fri 05-Apr-13 17:40:40

I remember this from last time I was pregnant - and then when you think maternity clothes are hard to find you start breastfeeding and realise how limited your choices are there too.

FreddieMercurysBolero Fri 05-Apr-13 18:01:29

ASOS have a good maternity range.

shelley72 Fri 05-Apr-13 18:52:33

aah you see breastfeeding clothes i can do - mostly because i just wear normal clothes smile.

i will check out ASOS though thank you.

someone really should make beautiful affordable clothes for pregnant women. especially a.tops without slogans and b. nightwear NOT of the kind i had when i was 11 (teddies, fluffly bunnies etc). oh and some decent uplifting bras wouldnt go amiss either.

i think im a bit grumpy today and cant even have wine!

mewkins Fri 05-Apr-13 20:03:42

I got a load of Blooming Marvellous stuff at a branch that was closing down (3yrs ago). Noticed they areback and trading via Mothercare now. It was really nice and good quality jersey. I would recommend.

WileyRoadRunner Sat 06-Apr-13 08:17:17

Yes to ASOS - they do lots of breton maternity tops and dresses if that's what you're after.

Also Next had some in their online sale section.

ivanapoo Sat 06-Apr-13 08:25:17

I wore a lot of non maternity clothes tbh, just baggy jumper dresses and the like - but I did buy a few bits in topshop (also online) which were great.

I recommend their flippy dress, which is cheap, can be dressed up or down with a blazer/long line cardi and was really really comfy and easy to wear.

lililon Sat 06-Apr-13 08:28:40

Gap have some good maternity basics at the moment and mamas & papad have had a few nice things in. I agree though, on the whole the choice is dire!

GlaikitHasHerFizzBack Sat 06-Apr-13 08:32:00

I had a few tea dresses from Red Herring in Debenhams. (I may still wear them blush)

barefootwalker Sat 06-Apr-13 08:33:03

I bought some great tops from Blooming Marvellous at Mothercare and Mamas and Papas. The M&P's basic range (lots of stripy!) are always on 3 for 2 and good for bf'ing too.

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