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Back to work, no idea

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AyeOopMoose Fri 05-Apr-13 00:02:33

I've been away from work for nearly 3 years and when last there was in maternity tents and I don't know what to wear to go back in.

I have lost my sense of style and hate everything (floaty & layered) in my wardrobe.

In addition I am not the size I want to be and am dieting, so don't want to buy/spend loads.

But I need some stuff to wear. I am 5ft 4 size 18 and like dresses/vintage style I think. I'll be at work 3 days and can pretty much wear what I like (no denim) but want a clear move away from what I wear at home.

Any suggestions please?

GeneHuntsMistress Fri 05-Apr-13 09:27:16

Everyone raves at personal shoppers and this does sound a good idea in your case, with a different shape that you're unused to and a new (working) wardrobe required - it's a lot to work out on your own. I know you don't want to spend much due to the impending weight loss, but by all accounts they do not push for sales. Also they will be able to advise on a couple of things that will work when you have lost the weight you want.

Sorry not going to be much use but hopefully someone else will come along soon with more idea.

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