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puff Thu 11-May-06 14:25:43

I can't find a pic to link to - can anyone help?

She wore it on the post show interview thingy.

Think it may have been a top and skirt actually.

LucyCampCat Thu 11-May-06 14:27:07

ooh yes I liked it too, I love greeny things, perhaps we should email her and ask!

SaintGeorge Thu 11-May-06 14:28:28

Probably Boyes on 'essle Road.

<<Sorry, Hull joke>>

treacletart Thu 11-May-06 14:28:45

this outfit?

LG Thu 11-May-06 14:29:51

someone has suggested missioni - I have been on the bbc's apprentice website but no mention of it! french connection had something like it last year in a purpley red. I will keep looking!!

puff Thu 11-May-06 14:30:13

That's it! I love it (although accept I don't have the size 8 body to put in it )

mosschops30 Thu 11-May-06 14:30:53

Message withdrawn

puff Thu 11-May-06 14:30:54

It was me that thought it might be Missoni LG - it's really unusual.

LucyCampCat Thu 11-May-06 14:32:59

mmm interesting article, she's clearly done it the hard way (if The Mirror is to believed) good on ya girl.

LG Thu 11-May-06 15:03:28

it may be on asos (as seen on) clothes website.

cupcakes Thu 11-May-06 15:05:33

didn't like her Madonna flicks.
and Ruth looked too overdone.

beachyhead Thu 11-May-06 15:06:45

she was 'made over' at Selfridges, so probably there......

puddle Thu 11-May-06 15:07:10

I liked her dress but thought she had v bad hair.

MrsBadger Thu 11-May-06 15:10:30

didn't like either of their makeup makovers - they looked much better when they were doing it themselves!

outfit not on ASOS (they'd make a packet if they could only keep up to date...)

CantSleepWontSleep Thu 11-May-06 15:12:24

Oh no - haven't watched the final yet and now you've spoiled the ending!!

Northerner Thu 11-May-06 15:14:17

Oh yes I loved her dress, when she came on my dh said 'OOh that dress is very you'

puff Thu 11-May-06 15:38:22

....oops, sorry cantsleep - they've been all over the news today, so didn't realise anyone would still be in the dark

sandyballs Thu 11-May-06 15:41:36

I hate her dress, or skirt and top I think it was. Didn't think they went together

spidermama Thu 11-May-06 15:43:14

I also loved and wanted that dress. I thought she looked amazing.

LG Mon 15-May-06 17:33:50

i'm pretty sure the outfit is by Issa. I saw almost the dead spit of it in Bentalls in kingston

cod Mon 15-May-06 17:35:50

Message withdrawn

LIZS Mon 15-May-06 17:46:23

similar ?

megglevache Mon 15-May-06 17:47:59

Message withdrawn

Esmummy Mon 15-May-06 18:44:44

Eww the red version looks like a Spider Man suit

fullmoonfiend Mon 15-May-06 18:47:17

LOL ST George (me dad's from 'ull!)

Loved the dress, love green!

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