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Lovely smelling shampoos?

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BetteDavis01 Wed 03-Apr-13 22:48:01

Can you please help me find a shampoo / conditioner which leaves a scent on my hair all day? My fav scents are coconut and apple but I welcome any other suggestions!

I do wear perfume but i don't like to squirt it on my hair. Thank you x

BruisedFanjo Wed 03-Apr-13 23:28:37

I was going to start this very thread earlier grin


EMUZ Thu 04-Apr-13 00:29:06

Head an shoulders apple is surprisingly nice!
L'oreal ever pure - one of them is rosemary and mint and the scent seems to last too
Lush American cream conditioner

BlueSuedeStiletto Thu 04-Apr-13 00:49:44

I like the Aussie range for smells. I also use Lee Stafford dehumidifier spray which smells lush!

butterfliesinmytummy Thu 04-Apr-13 02:35:27

The Aussie ones smell amazing and the smell seems to last too

BetteDavis01 Thu 04-Apr-13 09:07:56

Thank you for your suggestions!

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