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Can you point me to some work trousers and shoes, available on the Internet?

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thing1andthing2 Wed 03-Apr-13 19:33:01

I'm coming to the end of a year's maternity leave with dc2. I've just chucked out my 10 year old smart trousers for generally being wide leg and unfashionable plus I'm half a stone lighter than pre pregnancy.
I now own two pairs of jeans and two pairs of leggings and that's itblush.
(Well, skirts as well).
For work I just need to be one step up from jeans and leggings, not super smart (am an academic). Can you point me towards pleasant, fashionable trousers for a work environment? I'm a size 12, maybe a 10 in some places.
Also my shoes are about to fall apart and I now only have Mary-Janes, sandals, or snow boots. I need a pair that look good but can hold up to the elements. I've had my head down in poo and vomit and mush for nearly a year and don't really know what people are wearing these days. blush
I rarely go into the city centre to shop as it is so busy and not really fair on the kids (3yo and 9mo). So if it is available online I would be very happy.

Emo76 Wed 03-Apr-13 20:14:06

hi - not sure what your budget is but I have found Massimo Dutti and Zara online to be very good sources of work wear. Also would you consider having a pair of flat shoes for travel to and from work, and keeping a pair of heels at work to change in to -if that's your style? I have done the whole Working Girl thing of trainers with suit on the way to and from work before, i make no claims of it being stylish but it is very comfy!

Good luck for your return for work!

thing1andthing2 Wed 03-Apr-13 20:54:45

Both of those websites look grea although I'm more at the Zara en of the budget £30 - £40.
Was thinking lace up ankle boots? Not summery but hey, when are we likely to ever get warm weather? Not soon, it's snowing outside right now! I'm definitely a flats kind of girl as I walk everywhere, and I only have medical students to impress grin

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