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Evening summer holiday wardrobe help please

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miche8 Wed 03-Apr-13 16:15:29

I could really do with some help on what to take for the evenings and where i can buy such items. my dresses are the wrong type of fabric and make me very sweaty in the heat, I'm not keen on strapless when picking up little ones all the time. Ive been before and most of the other guests tend to be older and the ladies mostly wear dresses to dinner, I was very unhappy with my wardrobe last time, I don't want to be super trendy but want to look chic think I want:

Cotton dresses, not strapless and not maxi and not patterned.
Chino shorts, mid thigh length, in beige and navy.
I can probably wear my basic tops and add accessories, need to dress my bottom half.
But what else? I think it will be too hot for cropped chinos. I'm mid 30s, size 14 and apple shaped. Thanks in advance for any replies.

miche8 Thu 04-Apr-13 19:37:07

Bumping, what am I meant to wear on my bottom half? I don't want the locals and other tourists in the know sniggering at my wardrobe, from reading the other threads maxi dresses are out, linen trousers are out and it's going to be too hot for cropped chinos in Greece in June.

Maxis are so not out. smile

Cotton/linen dresses are fine and they won't make you sweat. I tend to wear looser fit ones.

What about some silk joggers - I'll see if I can find some.

these are £££ but lovely

I'll find some reasonably priced ones.

I tend to take cotton dresses, or cotton or silk skirts with cami tops. I don't like shorts in the evening except on the young and gorgeous (ie yes on my dds but no on me!) and I don't like cropped trousers.

But you don't want camisoles, no?

miche8 Thu 04-Apr-13 20:44:12

Where do you get linen or cotton dresses, I'm struggling to find any. I did wonder if shorts would be smart enough for the evening, I think they could look ok on someone slim with wedges, but I'm a 14 so probably best to keep them for the day time. I'm also limited to wearing flats due to the amount of walking and non existent pavements.

slug Thu 04-Apr-13 20:45:52

I have a few Ghost dresses I take on holiday. They are stretchy, cool and don't need ironing

Cotton dresses - you need to look around a lot but in the past few years I've managed to get a couple from Gap, M&S and Warehouse.

That Ghost model has terrible knees!

I got 4 lovely linen ones in the Great Plains sale last year. Simply cut and as they were in the GP sale they were as cheap as chips.

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