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What on earth can I wear to my wedding?

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purplewithred Wed 03-Apr-13 12:51:37

DP and I plan to marry. One sticking point in setting the date is me finding something to wear.

This is a late, second marriage and I don't want a weddingy wedding dress. Definitely more Camilla than Kate.

I am 5' 2", about a 10 on a good day, in my early 50s. Better in a scoop or v-neck than a high neckline. Summer-ish colouring so blues etc; definitely not yellows or coral or salmon or nude. I am always cold so no flimsy wispy things unless I can wear long johns underneath!

Budget - extravagant.


smellylittleorange Wed 03-Apr-13 15:52:44

Damsel in a dress

ghost dyed to order - lots of others around

these are not extravagant though!

purplewithred Wed 03-Apr-13 18:04:17

Ghost is pretty but my bum would be about 10" from the floor; damsel in a dress - that front pleat is a cunning disguise, will mould round my spare tyre nicely, definitely worth a look.

more extravagant ideas welcome!

smellylittleorange Wed 03-Apr-13 19:35:56

something a bit different

temperley Issa do lovely with ruching dresses]]

smellylittleorange Wed 03-Apr-13 19:36:13


KristinaM Wed 03-Apr-13 20:21:12

No such thing as a late marriage. It's obviously the perfect time for you and your DP and I wish you every happiness smile

Do you want short or long dress?

Structured or not?

Dress and jacket or coat or other cover up?

Is wedding formal /informal? Religious or civil? Reception?

slug Wed 03-Apr-13 22:57:28

Why not go for something unique?

tethersend Wed 03-Apr-13 22:57:30

too weddingy?

similar in red

MoonlightandRoses Wed 03-Apr-13 23:50:40

Firstly - congratulations! Secondly - would any of these suit?

This one? or this or this if you want to go v.simple and use a wrap to keep warm.

Or this or this for a touch of drama. Also second tethersend's Vivienne Westwood recommendations - the fit on her clothes is superb.

purplewithred Wed 03-Apr-13 23:56:51

Thank you for the ideas. You'll have me married yet!

Definitely need something with a bit of structure, floaty mid length stuff tends to drown me. really like the Issa on net a porter and the fab scarlet Vivienne Westwood but that is a bit more glam and eveningy than I was thinking of. Likely to be civil ceremony and daytime reception, fairly formal as dp will be wearing his army mess uniform complete with glittery buttons and medals.

Lots to think about!

purplewithred Wed 03-Apr-13 23:59:55

Ooh love the lela rose and Alessandra rich!

MoonlightandRoses Thu 04-Apr-13 00:06:53

We most certainly will! Although, as it's to a man in regimentals, I don't know why you haven't already! wink

OBface Thu 04-Apr-13 11:11:06

How about this?

Would recommend a visit to Browns Bride on South Molton Street.

OBface Thu 04-Apr-13 11:12:57

Love Tethersend's first VW suggestion

MimsyBorogroves Thu 04-Apr-13 11:21:27

Monsoon do some nice ones - pretty, but not OTT.

piprabbit Thu 04-Apr-13 11:50:16

This one would impress your guests while you make your vows.
This VW dress is a lovely colour
possibly too wispy
Roland Mouret.

smellylittleorange Thu 04-Apr-13 13:04:33

yes v much congrats - this is lovely VW

purplewithred Thu 04-Apr-13 13:42:37

Would never have thought to look at VW, she really is good on the floppy tummy stuff isn't she? That impressive Skaist-Taylor is cool too. I think it's going to have to be a lovely London trip to Browns + Harvey Nicks. Rather exciting!

tethersend Thu 04-Apr-13 15:51:10

This also lovely

Would def go for gold label over red label if you can- the cut and structure make it worthwhile.

purplewithred Thu 04-Apr-13 23:20:14

Ooh VW is fabulous and I never knew

KristinaM Sun 07-Apr-13 14:06:22

Seems to me that gold button and medals are the perfect excuse for a very glam outfit. No one should upstage the bride , middle aged or not !!!

DCIlouisemonroe Sun 07-Apr-13 19:20:11

Check out actress Helen Worth's dress she got married this weekend it's rather tasteful.

Second marriage think she is in her 50s or 60s she looked very nice.

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