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Bah TKMaxx and the 99p discount

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sleepdodger Mon 01-Apr-13 21:27:53

Saw a beautiful reiss frock today
In my size
Exactly what I wanted...
Slipped to changing rooms and it fitted perfectly BUT...
Tgere was alot of make up around neck and a small hole in Sean which because of seam construction and fabric would be a pita to mend hmm
Not to worry I thought, with a reasonable discount I'll take a table try and fix it etc
Dress was £50 normal white label price
The max at till discount they can will give is 99p
I could pop back on Tuesday when they 'might mark it down more '
I said I'd leave it and again pointed out faults, saying even if I didn't take it could she mark on label hole fault so someone doesn't buy it get it home and be disappointed but she shrugged
Was I bu for wanting a more than 99p discount or is this the norm tgere
More importantly if anyone has a reiss size 10 black and white petula dress they'd like to sell me please pm me!! grin

VIX1980 Mon 01-Apr-13 21:45:57

Have you tried looking on ebay? To be honest when ive had this happen to me in shops i thought the most they could take of was 10%. Ive saved on things like threads of cotton hanging off, make up all over it, all kinds.

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