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Lose weight or declutter???

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ifmamaainthappy Mon 01-Apr-13 19:35:17

Ok i'm a woman of a certain ageblush, have put on a little more weight than i should carryshock, 12 stone and 5'2",, My wardrobe has some lovely clothes in it, however i cannot get into most of them, should i get rid of them?? or try AGAIN to lose weight?? what would you do and HOW?? hmm

HeySoulSister Mon 01-Apr-13 19:59:54

I am currently losing the weight.... Feels amazing

ifmamaainthappy Mon 01-Apr-13 20:03:16

how are you loosing it, i try and after a few weeks give up,, need inspiration, motivation, kick up the bum grin
A BIG does of sunshine would also help!!

LilMissSunshine9 Wed 03-Apr-13 23:21:22

I am in same boat as you currently size 20 I used to be a lovely size 12 and I still have my old clothes I refuse to throw them out because most of them are designer labels I paid a fair bit of money on so can't bear to see it go without getting my use of them.

I reached a point where I am just tired of being the way I am so its enough motivation for me to get fit I think the hardest thing for me is realizing that it isn't going to take me 2 weeks of hard gym sessions but at least 1 month if not more because of the amount of weight I have put on.

I am also a keen cyclist and the fact that I want to get back on my road bike and feel fit when I do also acts as a motivator.

I have taken a favourite top or two and hung it up in my room to act as a constant reminder that this is what I want to get back into. It helps.

Mummyoftheyear Sun 07-Apr-13 22:12:40

I find slimming world quite good. My friend us flung really well at Rosemary Conoley. Both my friend and I had to get pretty depressed about our weight heftier being able to get 'in the zone' to diet.

VerySmallSqueak Sun 07-Apr-13 22:15:59

You'll find the sunnier days will help.
I would put the clothes in the loft,buy a few bits to see you through that fit,and aim to eat sensibly for a slow loss.
The clothes will still be in the loft when you're ready for them.
Anything that is seriously unrealistically small,give to a charity shop.

Ruprekt Sun 07-Apr-13 22:23:01

I started low carbing with BIWI and her gang on 7 Jan. have lost 18lbs now and feel great eating amazing food.

I cut out carbs and sugar and the difference is amazing.

Biwi is starting a new bootcamp on 29 April.

Read up about it and come and join us. smilesmile

Ruprekt Mon 08-Apr-13 22:39:25


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