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ToastedTeacakes Mon 01-Apr-13 16:54:34

I'm really interested in locating Pinterest fashion/style boards created by people over 30-35. Is this the right place to share? I found two mumsnetter's Pinterests via old threads today and really enjoyed them, so would love to see more!

Can we share?


noviceoftheday Mon 01-Apr-13 18:35:58

Hi Teacakes. here is my Pinterest board. Most of the ladies on the vogue thread have boards too.

OneLittleLady Mon 01-Apr-13 18:39:30

Ooooh, there's some lovely things on your boards ladies smile

ujjayi Mon 01-Apr-13 18:50:39

Sorry, should have provided a link smile.

SweetieTime Mon 01-Apr-13 18:53:03

Toasted slightly older than 35 but here is mine

Corygal Mon 01-Apr-13 19:10:06

And my essay on style for kids - genuinely nice to which I'm about to add a ladeeze section.

Once Wallace & Gromit is over...

HolyMackerel Mon 01-Apr-13 19:25:08

I love these boards, am following a few more of you now as well, thank you!

ToastedTeacakes Mon 01-Apr-13 19:37:26

Anyone else? <needs more pinterests>

MrsCampbellBlack Mon 01-Apr-13 19:42:28

c'est moi

ToastedTeacakes Mon 01-Apr-13 19:44:27

Oops, I still thought we were on page 1 of this thread - didn't know more posts had landed!

ToastedTeacakes Mon 01-Apr-13 19:49:21

it's great to find new boards to follow. I've always wanted to locate more stuff with an 'over 30' focus, even though age itself isn't the hugest deal. It's fascinating to see what people of a similar age to myself are coveting (I'm 39), if that makes sense!

libertychick Mon 01-Apr-13 20:54:40

I am 39 too and find me here

libertychick Mon 01-Apr-13 21:04:48

And love your boards Toasted smile

ToastedTeacakes Mon 01-Apr-13 21:28:24

Liberty, thankyou, so glad to have found yours too - we seem to have some similar tastes. Do you have a tumblr?

McNally Mon 01-Apr-13 21:33:27

Lovely boards Toasted. I'm now following you. This is me.

Matsikula Mon 01-Apr-13 22:10:57

Hello, I am following some of you now - some gorgeous pictures. I am Larissa Antipova on Pinterest. Hoping following some stylish people will be a better solution than trawling through endless images of mint green cut-off shorts!

QueenCadbury Mon 01-Apr-13 22:19:05

Here's me. I'm 39. I look forward to catching up with everyone else's boards tomorrow.

libertychick Mon 01-Apr-13 22:19:19

Thanks Toasted don't have a tumblr - don't even know what tumblr is - should I investigate or is this something that is going to use up even more of my spare time? grin

Hello, am Purple Flyer on Pinterest.

ToastedTeacakes Mon 01-Apr-13 22:43:08

libertychick, if you like lies another addiction! Here is mine:

I've been there a few yrs so have a lot of other tumblrs which I follow (and who follow me), and tend to reblog images which belong to whatever particular aesthetic floats your boat. It isn't just for style, there are millions of tumblr blogs for all manner of topics, but I mostly use mine for fashion related stuff.

If you're not familiar with it, it's basically a network of blogs where people 're-blog' images which inspire them. Or you can upload your own content. Once you start it is difficult to stop! It is different to Pinterest because you can chat with other bloggers, but works in a sort of similar way.

If anyone is interested in Breton tees, I also run a tumblr dedicated to them here:

ToastedTeacakes Mon 01-Apr-13 22:43:56

Thanks for sharing everyone, I think i've added all!

CeeceeBloomingdale Mon 01-Apr-13 22:44:57 I'm not very interesting though

QueenCadbury Tue 02-Apr-13 08:24:32

teacakes I still don't really understand what tumblr is (and nor do I want to as I will lose more hours of my lifegrin) but you and your images are gorgeous. Do you have kids? If so how is your house so beautiful??

AntPants1 Tue 02-Apr-13 08:29:10

Here is mine

AntPants1 Tue 02-Apr-13 08:29:34


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