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Thick wavy hair question

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SomethingOnce Sun 31-Mar-13 17:24:01

I have thick (as in dense and also what my hairdresser refers to as coarse) longish layered hair.

If I go to bed with combed-through, damp hair it dries with a wave that I really like, but this tends to drop out as the day goes on, presumably because of the weight.

My question is, are there any products that I can apply at the damp stage, or first thing to dry hair, that will help hold the wave?

No answer too obvious - I have no product knowledge at all!

YellowandGreenandRedandBlue Sun 31-Mar-13 17:25:30

I used to use some kind of surf serum, made it stay more wavy. But I don't know what it was called!

SomethingOnce Sun 31-Mar-13 17:52:11

That's helpful, thank you.

I've found a Bumble and Bumble one that doesn't have lots of weird shit in it - not cheap but since I'm generally low maintenance with products I can probably justify it smile

chickensaladagain Sun 31-Mar-13 17:57:19

I have the same hair as you are you me?

I use the VO5 curl boost mouse when it is still damp and it does the trick

the other thing I've had to learn to do after forcing it straight for years is not touch my hair so much or it goes frizzy

I'm terrible for tucking behind years, running my hands through the front and twiddling my hair grin

SoldeInvierno Sun 31-Mar-13 19:36:19

I use Kerastase Oleo Curl and I really like it. It helps define the waves and eliminates the frizz. I use it on towel dry hair and just let it dry naturally after that. If you get it online, it is not too expensive and it lasts about 3 months.

ouryve Sun 31-Mar-13 19:38:13

hen my hair was longer, i liked using curls rock curl enhancer to make the wave look like it really meant business other than to make my hair grow upwards and outwards.

These days, I just cut it off grin

EasterBunnyLebowski Sun 31-Mar-13 19:40:50

I have the same hair and the best thing I've found is this stuff

I blast dry my hair, spray this all over and then tie in a twist bun high up on my head. Leave for a few hours and my hair is wavy and beachy and gorge.

Did it today...will try upload a pic so you can see the effect.

SomethingOnce Tue 02-Apr-13 21:25:19

Thanks everyone for more helpful pointers.

chicken, yes, I think I am you - another hair messer-abouter here smile I think it's a nervous habit!

joolsangel Wed 03-Apr-13 09:22:40

i too have thick course long hair. ive tried loads of stuff over the years. best thing i have now is not to put too much stuff on when im drying it. i spray lightly with vo5 curl enhancer stuff - just a little - dry with diffuser then next day i put some umberto giovanni curl finishing creme thru - just a little - and it stops it going frizzy and gives nice curls and i just put a little of this stuff on each morning. hope u find something.

katykoo Wed 03-Apr-13 09:49:41

Easter bunny, is it the photo with the glass of wine with your hair done? It's lovely, very natural looking. I have tried a number of sea salt sprays to get that effect but it always ends up dry and frizzy looking. Maybe the bun is the answer. Do you dry it completely first?

MadBraLady Wed 03-Apr-13 10:16:56

Ooh a thick wavy hair thread. Can I hijack/blub selfishly on it?

Had a haircut yesterday. sad They don't get it, do they. My hair is very similar to Bunny's and I went in with slightly overgrown long, tumbling curls/waves and wanted my long layers trimmed and the bits around my face graduated (if that's the right word) so that the whole thing was just touching and a bit below my shoulders.

She hacked the lot off and blow-dried it into a straight mumbob which was JUST touching my shoulders and made me look about ten years older, and then of course I wash it this morning so all my lovely curls have come back and it's nowhere near my shoulders. I don't mind it short and curly in a retro Famous Five kind of way, but it took me ages to get it to that nice, thick full length/shape. sad

Why do they all think our secret wish is to look like someone off a Persil advert?

Have used some of the cheap Boots pink curl gunk on it, which I find excellent on longer hair (more for curls than waves though) so hoping I won't be too much of a bubblehead!

SomethingOnce Sun 07-Apr-13 10:02:22

An update from me.

I bought some Superdrug Salt Spray, their cheap version of the surf products (all based on magnesium sulphate), and it definitely helps develop a tousled ringlet look. On the downside, it made my hair feel a bit crispy, although DP said it didn't look like that.

Will try the VO5 and Boots stuff next.

MadBraLady, sorry to hear you weren't happy with your cut. So disappointing when you've spent all that time growing it, just for somebody to hack it off.

Surely one of the basics of cutting curly or wavy hair is to be conservative with how much you take off because it curls up when it dries!

With mine, because I have a long wave rather than a curl, the front bits have to be over a certain length or the cut goes mid-way through a wave and it looks silly. It has taken me a while to understand this and I seem to have difficulty explaining it to stylists...

agirlcalledsandoz Sun 07-Apr-13 11:42:15

How do you use the salt spray ? Just spray it on and dry with a diffuser or rough dry ? I have thick curly hair but would like sometime more of a wavy look ?

SomethingOnce Sun 07-Apr-13 14:26:19

It says to spray product onto dry hair and run your fingers through.

It's designed to add fullness and texture so I don't think it will loosen curly hair into waves, sandoz. What does your hair usually look like after a day at the beach? I got that result, pretty much!

YellowandGreenandRedandBlue Sun 07-Apr-13 16:01:28

Yes, that's the stuff, sea salt. I might hunt some down!

SomethingOnce Sun 07-Apr-13 17:29:23

Superdrug own brand Salt Spray £2.49 for 100ml.

SomethingOnce Sun 07-Apr-13 17:37:51

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray £20.50 for 125ml.

Quite a difference in price. The seaweed extracts in this better be worth it! Personally, I'm probably too stingy.

beanandspud Sun 07-Apr-13 17:51:09

On the back of this thread I've bought the Fudge Urban Sea Spray that Easter recommended. I will report back, I also have shoulder-length hair with a natural wave - I want to get out of the habit of straightening it and find a more relaxed style.

SomethingOnce Sun 07-Apr-13 18:57:29

The Boots pink curl crème that MBL recommends has tons of excellent reviews on the Boots website.

I suspect it is more of a definer for properly curly hair and that it will kill my wave, but as it's also a bargain at £1.59 for 200ml I'm going to try it anyway.

If I'm feeling brave I'll post pics of the results.

agirlcalledsandoz Wed 10-Apr-13 14:30:24

Oh it wouldn't do anything. Hair just looks the same after a day at the beach hmm

Shinyshinyface Wed 10-Apr-13 15:04:15

I have thick curly hair and over the years have gradually perfected the art of caring for it and it's getting quite long now and still looks pretty good (also got some very good advice from very good hair stylist):

Shampoo and condition, apply John Frieda Frizz Ease while hair is still really wet, follow swiftly with TIGI Curls Rock Curl Enhancer, allow to dry for a while then finish with diffuser.

At no point, repeat no point touch hair with towel!!

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