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Pick me a jacket please

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Wishfulmakeupping Sun 31-Mar-13 08:12:24

Help me choose from the following or any suggestions welcome. I'm 5.10 size 16 (buying size 18 as need arms to be long enough!) mainly wear long tops or jumpers with leggings/skinny jeans and boots so want a jacket that would go with. Nothing too dressy this is going to be worn taking baby to various mum and baby groups thanks

Wishfulmakeupping Sun 31-Mar-13 08:13:33


Wishfulmakeupping Sun 31-Mar-13 08:13:58

Wishfulmakeupping Sun 31-Mar-13 08:14:11

2fedup Sun 31-Mar-13 12:59:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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