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Help!! I need an opera stars outfit.

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Lighthousekeeping Sat 30-Mar-13 23:22:26

By next Friday. I have little money. It's a murder mystery. Buxom with dark curly hair wears kaftans!!! I feel sick

I'm on my tablet just now so can't really check but if its just a one off outfit you need check on They are bound to have something suitable and they are cheap as chips.

Lighthousekeeping Sun 31-Mar-13 17:02:14

I need a wig. I really don't have much time. I don't know what to do.

BoysAreLikeDogs Sun 31-Mar-13 17:24:18

You dont need a wig

Fashion brunnhilda horns from newspaper rolled into cones. You could paint silver

Attach( staple?) to a hat
Spear - a hazel whip from a garden with a tin foil wrapped point


BoysAreLikeDogs Sun 31-Mar-13 17:27:33

Ah crap now I'm singing kill da wabbit elmer fudd stylee

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