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Please help me find a new hairstyle...

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My hair is currently longish, naturally wavy and varying shades of gingerish brown with a hint of grey! I was ill from october to last month and just let it grow and the colour go and it is currently horrible and feels dry and out of condition.

I think I'd like to go for a shorter style, perhaps grow my fringe out a bit. I use GHDs most days but with my hair being longer I'm feeling a bit witchy!

Pics on my profile...taken today with my hair au naturel :/

I just have NO idea what to ask for and need some ideas.
( and a million quid for a facelift, botox... etc etc grin)

3littlebears Mon 01-Apr-13 21:35:06

Hi. Sorry, I don't have anything terribly constructive to add but didn't want to ignore ou and I feel your pain! I have similar hair I think (haven't checked out your pics yet)... From experience, a bit off the length always lifts the face whereas too long just drags it down and makes us look older and tireder.. Mine also seems to be premenopausal... Didn't reckon on this happening yet! Just a bit greyer than it was and wake up in the morning with hideous wires frizz. Would seriously consider spending megabucksinbtop salon if anyone can convince me it would make a difference. Agree that ghds feel a bit wrong somehow... hair stle can't be right if constantly battling against it. So better, sharper cut and glossier, richer colour are my plan! Sorry for rambling!

I'd keep the longish side fringe and have a good six inches or so off the length and have it dyed a glossy brown. Something like this maybe?

Hope you're feeling better.

Bluelightsandsirens Mon 01-Apr-13 21:49:26

I think your hair is lovely as is the colour.

Maybe a few inches off the bottom and some layers put in but I think your hair really suits your face, you look so lovely and happy!

LovingTheSunshine Mon 01-Apr-13 22:12:19

I couldn't see anything wrong with your hair 3littlebears.
Remus I live the style you posted...mine is more one length & a bit shorter than the pic...not as nice as hers ;)

buttercrumble Tue 02-Apr-13 15:45:54

Fantastic cheek bones and face structure, i think you would look great with it short, but keep the top longer and cut into your neck at the back. Hope that makes sense..

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