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Are home hair dyes a lot worse for your hair than salon ones?

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hushabyehill Fri 29-Mar-13 18:51:18

After using lush henna for a few years I had my hair dyed chocolate brown at the hairdressers. I like lush henna but have such quick-appearing grey roots now I am fed up with the amount of time I have to leave it on my hair, and also fancied getting away from the reddy / coppery tinge.

I started with the henna when I was pregnant and continued using it as I've lost a fair amount of hair in recent years due to a thyroid problem (very thin at front and sides) and was scared the chemicals in hair dye would make it worse.

Hairdresser dye has worked ok, but I just can't afford to keep doing it.

Does anyone know how much worse for my hair a supermarket dye would be, and can you recommend any brands (dark brown / chocolate type of thing).


ItsintheBag Fri 29-Mar-13 19:24:24

Perfect10 by L'Oreal it only stays on for 10 minutes so the time the peroxide is on is less so that would slightly lower the damage.
But I think preference by L'Oreal is better coverage for grey.

To get the best possible coverage, use vaseline around you face hairline so you dont get "dye" marks. Ask a friend to put it on to be sure you cover all the roots.
When you rinse it off add a little bit of water and then turn off the tap and rub/massage( in the color to the hair (this will lift it off your scalp ) so you dont have the tell tale signs.Then wash off.
When your roots grow out just reapply to the roots,this lowers damage and you will get a more even color.
Lastly always,always do a patch test the day.

ItsintheBag Fri 29-Mar-13 19:25:33

sorry should say patch test the day before.

OneLittleLady Fri 29-Mar-13 19:28:56

YY to a patch test. Sounds silly but do it EVERY time you are going to dye your hair, even if you are using exactly the same colour and brand as the first time you dyed it. It's possible to develop allergies out of the blue and it's also not always announced when ingredients are changed or which they specifically are. I have saved myself from full blown allergic reactions by doing patch tests and hair dye reactions can be very very nasty.

hushabyehill Fri 29-Mar-13 20:08:22

Brilliant. Thanks both of you. I will have a go with Perfect 10 first then, I think. Thanks for all the tips, will def do the patch test beforehand.

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