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Grown my nails at last, but they are so soft. How can I strengthen them?

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Jemster Thu 28-Mar-13 18:10:00

With the aid of extensions I have managed to grow my badly bitten nails to a decent neat length. I had the extensions off a month ago and replaced them with gel overlays over my own nails. They look so nice, I'm very pleased as I've always bitten them and now don't want to as they look so much better.
The thing is they are quite hard with the gel on but after a couple of weeks it starts to peel off and my real nails underneath are paper thin and can just bend off!
I can't see how I will ever be able to keep them nice without having the gel as they will just be too weak, but having the gel is quite high maintenance and expensive. I don't think I can afford to do it forever.
How will I ever be able to make my nails hard if as soon as the gel is off they basically just bend or peel off?!

fififolle Thu 28-Mar-13 19:15:07

Try OPI nail envy and almond oil for dry cuticles. Keep your nails short, filing in only one direction.
Good effort for stopping biting your nails.
I tend to keep gels reserved for holidays as my nails tend to be just as you describe after.

Casmama Thu 28-Mar-13 21:38:11

I second nail envy- fab stuff but buy from ebay cos is is about£18 in the shops but you can get it or about half that on ebay.

Jemster Thu 28-Mar-13 21:50:23

Thank you. So would the best thing be to have the gel removed and use the nail envy instead? Will it harden them a bit straight away? I'm worried if they're too soft and bendy I will go back to biting them!

FreshLeticia Fri 29-Mar-13 00:21:22

nail envy doesn't work for me and mine were damaged with overlays. I'm using Mavala scientifique which bonds the layers together. Orly silk wrap is also good.

However, after buying loads of expensive products, a few weeks ago I got Rimmel Pro french manicure polishes and I wear them over the Mavala and top coat with Mavaladry, which dries the polish quickly - a bit like Seche Vite, but this does not chip and stays on for ages.
I was only, managing 2-3days before polish chipping, but now my nials are much better and the polish lasts at least 5 days.
very impresses with the Rimmel. Cheap and bloody good.

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