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Light brown hair colour that isn't red?

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theredhen Thu 28-Mar-13 10:16:56

After years of colouring my hair with semi permanents, I've now decided they didn't cut the mustard with the grey and I've switched to permanent colour.

I've tried light brown in Olia and in Nice N Easy but both seem to have a big tinge of red to them.

Anyone know of any light brown hair colours that are less red? Should I go for a lighter colour, a dark blonde?

nipersvest Thu 28-Mar-13 11:07:58

go for an ash toned colour. i always use ash shades, anything else is too red. i use l'oreal excellence cream, the dark blonde is a bit red, the ash blonde is a very neutral shade, but may be lighter than you want.

it's hard to recommend a specific colour as what works for me, might not work for you but as a general rule, i find nice n easy too dark and harsh on my hair, not tried olia but it gets bad reviews online, l'oreal excell 10 was ok but colour only lasted a couple of weeks, garnier nutrisse was ok as long as you go for an ash tone as the others are very red.

couple of other ones to try are l'oreal recital preference, rimini - lightest brown is quite a nice shade, or the capri - light brown, both are darker than the ash blonde excellence one, a true brown rather than a dark blonde but i've not had any red issues with them when i used them.

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