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ridiculously static hair!

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SmileAndPeopleSmileWithYou Thu 28-Mar-13 07:59:16

I have quite long hair which I usually wear down. It has suddenly gone really static all the time and its driving me crazy!

I'm using the same shampoo and I've always just left it to dry on its own after washing.
What will stop it? Am I going to have to start actually doing something with it?

xigris Thu 28-Mar-13 08:06:48

I get this. Have you tried spraying hair spray on to a hair brush and then brushing your hair? This works for me

EarlyInTheMorning Thu 28-Mar-13 08:11:42

I have a GHD radial brush that cost me £25 and makes my hair really static
Pure wool snoods make my hair static
My polyester gym top makes my hair static

Any possible culprits there?

cathyandclaire Thu 28-Mar-13 08:16:47

My hair is really static at the moment and it always is on ski holidays, so I'm blaming the cold dry air.
Lucky mad with static in the winter and frizzy with humidity in the summer!

SmileAndPeopleSmileWithYou Thu 28-Mar-13 08:24:45

I'll try the hairspray thing thanks!

Can't think of anything different I'm doing/wearing.

I've always had very easy to manage hair, guess that's over!

mewkins Thu 28-Mar-13 20:42:38

My hair feels really static at the moment too.. not doing anything differently so may it is thr weather. Dd's hair is generally static but has gone crazy.

Charliefox Thu 28-Mar-13 22:07:31

Mine has also gone really static-y too in the last couple of weeks. Had no idea why, so perhaps it is the weather.

Talisin Thu 28-Mar-13 22:09:21

This stuff is brilliant for static-y hair. I have realy fine hair & always ended up looking like a dandelion clock until I discovered this.

VerySmallSqueak Thu 28-Mar-13 22:12:24

Weird.Our hair has been really static of late.
I kissed DD1 goodnight earlier and we got a static shock through our lips. shock

Magicmayhem Thu 28-Mar-13 22:15:51

its all to do with the lack of moisture in the hair... have you tried a conditioner on it? Also do you use fabric conditioner as that usually helps as well... also
just wondered if you get electric static shocks when you touch things?

kerstina Thu 28-Mar-13 23:23:25

Yes I often get electric shocks when I touch things and also when I take clothes off I can hear the static electricity . Even seen it in the dark ! My hair is static at the moment interesting to hear it is probably the weather . I like to get clothes drying out in fresh air but do not bother over wet colds months . I feel that makes clothes less static not sure if there is scientific evidence though.

Shattereddreams Thu 28-Mar-13 23:27:54

polyester clothes? Cheap shampoo and conditioner more likely.
i have dead straight hair and expensive (KMS or Redken) never gives me the static, but anything for £3 does. Use hairspry to stop if for an instant fix.
pop some mouse (cheap is ok!) through, just a little and blow dry which will weight it down a bit.

Chinateacup Thu 28-Mar-13 23:31:57

Does it happen when you wear certain things? I have a new coat which makes my hair static - never happened before ...

SomethingOnce Fri 29-Mar-13 01:03:23

It's definitely the weather.

DD, DM and I have all had really bad static over the last fortnight - I'm starting to dread touching metal handles and shelving in shops because I know what's coming!

I don't think there's much you can do about it, really.

KatieMiddleton Fri 29-Mar-13 01:19:34

I think it's the weather.

I'm going to get mine cut because it's quite long and the static is making knots because I also have post preg shed.

I've tried leave in conditioner that helps a bit.

wonkylegs Fri 29-Mar-13 09:10:02

I think it's a combination of weather, coming in and out of heated buildings and possibly your shampoo. I had this as a problem when I use pantene. As soon as I swap I don't get the static build up.

Charliefox Fri 29-Mar-13 17:54:22

Not changed my clothes and am using the same old shampoo, so it's not that.

BitBewildered Fri 29-Mar-13 18:03:56

DD & I have had this for about three weeks too! We've been using and doing the same things. Glad it's not just us!

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