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Reading glasses required - opticians recommendations pretty please?

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EarlyInTheMorning Tue 26-Mar-13 14:36:00

Who has the best selection you think? I can't buy them off the shelf unfortunately. Went to Boots but none of their glasses suited me at all. Worth trying specsavers?

ginmakesitallok Tue 26-Mar-13 14:36:48

Asda, some great frames and really cheap.

ujjayi Tue 26-Mar-13 14:41:29

Try Glasses Direct. Lots of great frames and a free 7 day frame trial service.

OneLittleLady Tue 26-Mar-13 15:22:46

Specsavers have a good range of designs and prices. Worth a look even if you aren't buying and are just trying to on to find a style that suits.

HollyBollyBooBoo Tue 26-Mar-13 21:14:06

Not a single frame in the whole of Boots Opticians suited you???! You are doomed!

Have you worn glasses before, is it more a case of getting used to wearing glasses, seeing yourself in them?

Vision Express do great designer ones but are hugely expensive.

beanandspud Tue 26-Mar-13 22:36:42

Try Specsavers - lots of choice and I've always had good advice. Some nice designer frames as well.

Please don't succumb to a cheap pair of 'ready readers' grin

EarlyInTheMorning Wed 27-Mar-13 09:19:35

I think that based on the prescription I've been given, 'ready-readers' are not an option for me anyway.

Really, not a single pair of the frames available at my local Boots opticians suited me AT ALL. They all made me look 10 years older. There was one pair that was slightly rectangular with pointy-ish bits at the top, kinda retro style-ish (I'm being very clear here ain't I?! grin) but they were black and the overall effect was too harsh on me. Those same frames in brown (tortoiseshell) might have worked.

I had my eye test at vision express but I didn't buy the frames there because the prices were eye watering. I like the sound of Glasses Direct with their free trial and I will also check Specsavers. I'm afraid I avoid Asda if at all possible so they really would be my absolute last resort.

I guess part of the problem is that I am not used to seeing myself in glasses and the fact that I look older in them is unavoidable. sad

EarlyInTheMorning Wed 27-Mar-13 09:20:07

Sorry I forgot to say thank you. Thank you ladies, you have been really helpful thanks

ToDoList Wed 27-Mar-13 09:23:51

Or try a local optician?

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