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Which are the best 'suck 'em in and flatten it down' control knickers?

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squoosh Tue 26-Mar-13 11:25:27

I'm going to be a bridesmaid in a couple of months. Oh dear, really can't be bothered. Sorry bride!

I've tried Spanx before but would like to know if there have been any leaps and bounds in Wobbly Lump Concealment Technology recently. I'm looking for something that will really cinch me in.

Any recommendations?

MollyNollyNoo Tue 26-Mar-13 16:50:14

Spanx still seem to be the best. If you want something really hard core go for vollers, probably what Stella has on underneath this out fit.

Cantbelieveitsnotbutter Tue 26-Mar-13 16:58:08

Watch out for back fat, I've some spanx that take alot of wriggling before the backfat is sorted!!!

StatisticallyChallenged Tue 26-Mar-13 20:16:45

Yup, the higher power spanx that look like cycling shorts and go from knee to bra. Something corsetty would be fabulous but risks showing through the fabric of the dress unless it is quite substantial or has a lot of gathers, ruching or other details

EeyoresGloomyPlace Tue 26-Mar-13 20:23:39

Mini hijack: would any of these recommendations be comfortable enough for every day wear? I'm back to work after dd2 next month and a few of my dresses need a bit of extra cinching!

MollyNollyNoo Tue 26-Mar-13 22:28:42

Spanx are very good for every day Eeyores, vollers would be a killer, they are definitely for a one off unless you are dedicated to that sort of clinched in waist look.

cerealqueen Tue 26-Mar-13 23:02:37

I rate primark's own spanx!

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Tue 26-Mar-13 23:04:32

spanx higher power defo
yes for every day as they have wee flaps smile

BackforGood Tue 26-Mar-13 23:07:10

Agree - Primarks are good and no doubt a darn sight cheaper smile

issimma Wed 27-Mar-13 09:20:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EeyoresGloomyPlace Wed 27-Mar-13 10:24:55

grin at wee flaps...practical!

I think I'll take myself off to Primark to start with then, and work my way up from there is more control is needed. Thanks for the info smile

squoosh Wed 27-Mar-13 12:31:52

Thanks for all the recommendations, might try a couple and see if I can harness all the bumps into an acceptable waist shaped thing.

Thank holy fuck women aren't expected to wear corsets and girdles as a matter of course anymore!

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