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Bow tie for baby boy?

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NoMoreWineForMeThen Tue 26-Mar-13 08:57:00

Any ideas as to where I can pick up bow ties for DTS (10 months)?

They are being baptised and are both wearing the same little outfit (it only came in one colour) so I thought that they could each wear a different colour bow tie so people and easily tell them apart (and so that we can when we look back at photos in 20 years time!).

I'd ideally like something a little bit different to the satin bows that I've seen online but will settle for those if we can't find anything else (have seen some lovely ones on Esty for example, in really cute fabrics but can't find anything similar in the UK). Also, I'd like to be able to pick them up from a store as I don't think I have time to order online now.

Of course, if anyone has any other suggestions of how we can help people to tell the boys apart I'd be very grateful. smile

Thanks in advance!

LadyBigtoes Tue 26-Mar-13 09:56:29

John Lewis or any department store, or next?

I would make them myself, must be quite simple and you can choose any colours/fabrics.
nice tutorial here

NoMoreWineForMeThen Wed 27-Mar-13 04:46:15

Surprisingly I haven't found anything in the department stores. Maybe I'd have a go at making them myself if I had a bit more time. Ah never mind, I'll have to think of an alternative. Thanks anyway. smile

Kittykatzen Wed 27-Mar-13 10:21:38

Try I just had a quick look and there are some gorgeous quirky ones on there, lovely fabrics for little boys. Can't link at the moment but the seller Too Kool 4 School had them for babies.

Kittykatzen Wed 27-Mar-13 10:23:50

AAARGH ignore me. Have been up all night with feverish baby and didn't notice you wanted in store pick up. Good luck with the search.

LadyBigtoes Wed 27-Mar-13 10:39:25

I think they will take minutes to make, if you have the fabric.

NoMoreWineForMeThen Thu 28-Mar-13 15:24:25

Love that site KittyKatzen. I've never come across it before but I'm sure I'll use it in the future. Thanks smile

LadyBigtoes I shall practice making them for the boys next social event. I can spend a little time choosing some nice fabric then too. smile

what about picking motif's from a haberdashery that could be sewn on the outfit? a flower as a buttonhole? or if it has buttons buy different ones for it? or just use a ribbon tied like a bow tie, shoelace ribbon cowboy style? hanky tied like a cravat? hats? bootees? name badges grin

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