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Anyone else got or had one of *those* 'Bellys' and done something about it?

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escape Mon 25-Mar-13 12:33:42

So embarrassed even writing this but needs must.
I know my only solution is diet and exercise by the way, but I do feel it is a pre disposed type of shape and I have been unlucky.
I look 8 months pregnant.
It starts from between my rib cage and is quite firm at the op before t becomes the wobbly, pouchy michelin man mess. Literally pounds and pounds of doughy flesh sad
Obviously, clothes never fit right and it's hard to find anything these days with a high enough waist to wear separates, maxi dresses- fine, but again, just look too 'maternity' on me.

Has anyone got or had the same and done anything positive about it? I literally can't feel any stomach muscles if I try and do sit ups for example...

PlainBefuddled Wed 27-Mar-13 09:24:59

My waist has gone down from 40 to 37in this past year through weight loss and excercise. I weigh 80kg and lost 6 kgs in that time (nearly a stone).

My weight has plateaued for months now, it's depressing but my measurements still seem to be decreasing.

I just want a 32 inch waist, I'm not being greedy..

BTW, am 5'5'' and wear M&S 16 trousers.

angelcake99 Sat 30-Mar-13 18:04:14

Hi op, I have this problem also. I am over weight, and used to be pear shaped but since having children it has all gone round the middle. My stomach was rock hard until I gave up lactose and then I lost over a stone and it sort of dropped. Not a great look really! If I do any kind of sit up, even just lifting myself off the floor a tiny bit my tummy muscles go into a weird point, does anyone else have this?

SimLondon Mon 01-Apr-13 21:04:17

Hi Angelcake, it sounds like you might have the diastasis (seperated stomach muscles) mentioned on the last page - check out the Tuplar technique. Seems like I need to give up bread and start pilates :-(

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