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Birkenstocks. How do they fit?

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Nbg Mon 08-May-06 22:12:58

Can't decide what size to buy as I can be a 6 or 7.


Ledodgyherring Mon 08-May-06 22:13:24

I'm normally a size 7 but always get a 6 in Birkenstocks.

controlfreaky2 Mon 08-May-06 22:16:21

me too. they are biggish and you dont want them too large. i think website has guide to how they should fit... they are v v comfy

Ledodgyherring Mon 08-May-06 22:18:08

they also do wide fitting ones if you need them (not saying your feet are fat or anything ....)

Nbg Mon 08-May-06 22:26:11

I do have fat feet.


controlfreaky2 Mon 08-May-06 22:27:34

they'd need to be really W---I---D---E--- not to fit ordinary birkies

lahdeedah Mon 08-May-06 22:32:16

definitely go small. I am a 6 or 7 in regular shoes since having DD, but can still fit comfortably into my size 5 birkies.

Nbg Mon 08-May-06 22:35:00

Yeah I'll go for a 6.

Just looking on ebay as they're alot cheaper even for new ones.

Ledodgyherring Mon 08-May-06 22:58:30

If you haven't had them before they will feel strange at first but give them a little time and they'll be the most comfortable footwear you own!

Nbg Mon 08-May-06 22:59:51

Well since I'm pg I thought I should get some. Plus I'll be able to wear them every year.

Ledodgyherring Mon 08-May-06 23:01:00

Ah that idea works in theory but they can smell after a while and not only that the other styles will tempt you year after year

Nbg Mon 08-May-06 23:06:04


My feet smell of roses so that will never happen

I can't decide which ones to get tbh. I'm totally stuck.

controlfreaky2 Mon 08-May-06 23:09:30

for summer i like white / silver / fuschia pink... they're all fab

Nbg Mon 08-May-06 23:10:07

I like these and they're a great price

Ledodgyherring Mon 08-May-06 23:11:03

I got black ones first , then i've had red and I got the bronze last year. I always go for the madrid style though, just got to decide what to get this year as my bronze ones really have had it I used them at the maternity hospital after the birth of my ds in November walked in all kinds of bodily fluids.

Ledodgyherring Mon 08-May-06 23:12:48

Yes, they'd be especially nice with olive or tanned skin.

Nbg Mon 08-May-06 23:14:51


I would have liked Bronze but I can't find any.
I certainly don't have any colour to my skin. I just like my things to match and atm the majority of my mat clothes are browns and neutral colours.

controlfreaky2 Mon 08-May-06 23:15:13

we speak as one. the single strap madrids are definitely the only way to go... some other styles are just too cornish pasty like (and UGLY).

Nbg Mon 08-May-06 23:16:27

Or there is Pink?

Ledodgyherring Mon 08-May-06 23:17:43

vegan are nice too

Nbg Mon 08-May-06 23:17:43

Yeah I don't like the Gizele or the other toe post ones.

What's the Papillo styles? Is it the patterns?

Ledodgyherring Mon 08-May-06 23:18:32

dark gold?

Nbg Mon 08-May-06 23:18:49

I've seen them but the colours just a bit too dull but I won't rule them out.

Ledodgyherring Mon 08-May-06 23:19:39

papillo seems to be pattern and plain in a variety of styles.

controlfreaky2 Mon 08-May-06 23:20:12

violet is luvverly

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