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Nail varnish colors

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ripsishere Fri 22-Mar-13 04:20:45

Absolutely hopeless when it comes to style and beauty. I have pretty decent nails which do need filing at the moment.
What nail varnish color is fashionable ATM? The last time I was with it, was about a year ago when i got some navy blue. I thought it looked very nice with shortish nails.
In Malaysia now and so I'll probably have to order it off the net.
I did not like Adeles long beige colored ones if that is any help.

SarahGoodwin33 Fri 22-Mar-13 08:09:52

Not sure how trendy it is but I always wear a dark plum colour which seems to go with my work clothes (blacks, navys etc). A girl at work wears all sorts of pale colours including 'adele' beige lol and whilst they must be trendy (she is impossobility beautiful and trendy, cow) I am not keen.
I normally go to a permanent french on hands and feet for the spring/summer but given the weather at the moment I can't see me feet being in anything other than opaque tights and boots!

hermioneweasley Fri 22-Mar-13 16:45:30

Greys, beiges and khakis are all fashionable at the moment. Try Leighton Denny polishes.

ripsishere Fri 22-Mar-13 22:42:41

OK, I've something to work with. At least you didn't suggest sugar pink which DD seems to favor on her stumps.
I will have a look for Leighton Denny when I go out later. I am not optimistic though.

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