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What is it with today's clothes?

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aftermay Thu 21-Mar-13 18:54:48

I had a few hours for shopping today for an interview coming up.

Rubbish fabrics. I went everywhere. Looked at cheap, looked at expensive clothes. Poorly made, strident colours (even the dark ones) and all bloody polyester. Having a rant here, but where else is there to look?

katrinefonsmark Fri 22-Mar-13 13:08:43

I agree herbaceous. I go in a little at the waist and am shortish. I so envy people who can shop based on whether they like the clothes. It's all very well Gok saying buy for you shape when you can't. You have to be medium heightwith out much waist definition then the worlds your oyster.

HeyLuciani Fri 22-Mar-13 14:10:06

Oh, I agree. Needed to buy a dress recently for a funeral......went everywhere trying to buy something appropriate that was not cheap and flimsy. Ended up buying a dress from Jaeger which was lovely, but pricey. Couldn't find anything in decent quality fabric in the normal high street shops. Given the recent weather I wasn't prepared to freeze in a flimsy bit of viscose!

Ordered some cashmere cardis from Boden, sent them straight back - very thin material, not like they used to be. To be honest, if I'd been asked to guess the fabric in a blind test I would never have guessed cashmere!
Another cashmere jumper I bought from M&S in January already has holes in it. sad

I am also fed up of buying pathetically thin t shirts which get those little holes in them after 2-3 wears (yes, I'm talking to you Gap/Banana Republic/Top Shop!). Bought a few ok tshirts from Kew last summer, but then they shut down. sad

alemci Fri 22-Mar-13 16:01:09

will you take the M&S jumper back Luciani? - that is terrible.

aftermay Fri 22-Mar-13 16:59:32

In the end I've placed an order for a couple if dresses from Banana Republic (25% extra off sale items) and Gap. Last few things I hit from them I had to send back. They just seemed better online vs all the rubbish I touched yesterday.

Interesting about the cotton shortage. It makes me feel better to know it's not just me! If I look like a sack of potatoes in a cotton dress it may be the flimsiness of the fabric making it cling in all the wrong places.

Bunbaker Fri 22-Mar-13 18:11:29

"Bun I do tend to stick to the brands which I know will fit me, and if I'm not sure I'll ask sellers to post measurements. That way you can compare it with stuff you already have which fits you well."

The problem is that I am pear shaped with a small waist and most clothes are for women with little difference between waist and hips and just gape at the waist. It would be an absolute waste of postage for me to order clothes in more than one size every time I want to buy some.

"I absolutely despise having to try on clothes in the store!"

I don't. Perhaps it is because I can make time to shop on my own, and I quite like shopping.

Bunbaker Fri 22-Mar-13 18:11:58

I meant to say that most bottoms gape at the waist on me.

scarlet76 Fri 22-Mar-13 20:12:25

I am also trying to stick to buy better buy less. It is hard. You really have to trawl all the high street stores to find the odd decent thing.
I wanted some denim jeans that were 100% cotton. It's amazing how many have polyester in them.
I also wanted a cotton high neck blouse. Eventually found one in H&M but the stitching was awful.

HotCrossNaanAndRessurectiOn Fri 22-Mar-13 20:15:47

I've been shopping recently and there was just nothing that I liked. I have a feeling that its going to be one of those years where I just don't like the trends.

The sizing is lousy as well - in the same shop I can be one of three sizes.

Bunbaker Fri 22-Mar-13 20:24:26

I'm fed up with the vast majority of tops that are too low cut. Being somewhat meagre of bosom they look awful on me and only accentuate my lack of curves

Lavenderhoney Sat 23-Mar-13 05:14:42

I once worked in fashion and the male designer used to use himself as a model to design and get the cut of the skirtssmile and no one said anything - such a creativesmile

I am slim with a large bust, so clothes either fit everywhere but there, or close round my bust but hang like a sack everywhere else. At least you can buy bikini separates now, which was almost impossible a few years ago.

It's interesting about the cotton shortage.

Shattereddreams Sat 23-Mar-13 08:35:32

I got a nice cotton tunic in gap recently with zip on shoulder, but it suits my shape, not for you wrap dress ladies. But I also bought a cotton shirt dress, and a cardy for £9 which is 80% cotton with some nylon and silk. V nice.

And leggings in American Apparel which are cotton not viscose

I bought a cotton mariner style top in m&s a few weeks ago, the limited range so £39.50
It shrank on first wash. And I also bought a elliptical hem dress tunic same range, which after a wash shrank to stop above fanjo. They went straight back, the woman at M&S was really stroppy about refunding, checked the labels and said viscose doesn't shrink..... Ummmmm, I beg to differ. I've stopped buying it purely because it ALWAYS shrinks.

Had some success lately with Joules, selected Boden tops but absolutely given up on high street.

But kids clothes? Cotton jumpers and cardy's and trousers galore. Except school shirts. I just want cotton school shirts and tights and trousers.

alemci Sat 23-Mar-13 10:02:07

yes I think the viscose does shrink. bought a lovely phase 8 top last year and i think is has done this. also it rides up. does it cling to other fabric underneath?

try and buy cotton as much as i can. isn't cotton jersey similar in texture to viscose?

prozacbear Sat 23-Mar-13 13:17:22

I agree with what people are saying about waist definition - before pregnancy I had a tiny waist compared to the rest of me and buying clothes was hell. Now the my waist is larger but hips smaller - I have no idea why - and I find shoppign much easier.

COS? - it seems to be good quality and doesn't shrink (yet). Also Zara? The cottons are suspect but workwear & smart/casual fairly reliable. Mango is good but schizophrenic from season to season. If feeling flush - French Connection, Ted Baker, Paul & Joe, Michael Kors - I'm trying to spend more and own less, the goal being clothes that don't unravel/shrink/fade.

Avoid Topshop - not built for real people. For students and 'creatives'. I used to wear Topshop at university; wandered in the other day and backed straight out; insanity! A beanie hat with the word 'nerd' printed on it - eh??

maywills Fri 22-Nov-13 20:37:38

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