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Natural Redheads who need to dye their hair to cover grey hairs....

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TinyPanic Mon 18-Mar-13 17:30:14

If you are a natural redhead who now needs to dye their hair to cover stray grey/white hair coming through please tell me which product you use!
I have naturally ginger hair and have been trying to ignore the white/grey strands coming through but it has come to the point that I can't ignore it any longer and want to try and dye it as close to my natural colour as possible (if people can't notice that would be fabulous, although I realise that this is unlikely!). So fellow redheads, what do you recommend?

TheKingAndI Mon 18-Mar-13 19:13:48

I have used L'Oreal Casting Creme in Amber 645 shade. I've got quite deep red/auburn hair and it did make it slightly darker though, although absolutely no one noticed until I told them I'd dyed it for the first time in my life. I think if you are brighter red then it would definitely look different. Talking of which - why don't dye manufacturers show what colour your hair will go if you're a redhead? They show light brown, blonde and dark brown, but never any shades of red.

TinyPanic Mon 18-Mar-13 19:19:39

I know! I am having so many problems trying to find one to match my hair exactly for this reason! I'm so scared of it going wrong sad
I'll check out your suggestion, thank you.

LemonPeculiarJones Mon 18-Mar-13 19:56:08

Hi tiny, I've tried Casting creme in Amber and Butterscotch. I'm a natural redhead too.

Amber comes out very dark and not quite red enough (on me, anyway). Butterscotch is lighter and more natural; it looks like a sort of strawberry blonde on the box but since all dyes always come out darker, it's actually a nice natural looking red on the hair.

You might have to order it online though, Boots doesn't stock that colour in the shops around my way.

TinyPanic Mon 18-Mar-13 20:00:29

Thanks Lemon, that one looks like a contender too.

shockers Mon 18-Mar-13 20:06:30

I have lots of high/lowlights put through as I find that roots aren't as obvious that way. The combination brings me to a colour not unlike my natural one, a sort of soft red.

YouCanCallMeBetty Mon 18-Mar-13 20:21:35

I've tried a few and always come back to Clairol Nice 'n'Easy Natural Light Auburn. It's almost an exact match for my coppery auburn hair - maybe just a smidgen of a shade brighter.

tootssweet Mon 18-Mar-13 20:28:19

I use the Nice & Easy foam one in auburn & that gives me quite a natural looking colour after the first wash! I've tried a couple of DIY ones now & that has had the best results for me. Obviously the hairdresser does a much better job but I don't have the £££ for the upkeep.

DueInSeptember Tue 19-Mar-13 11:49:40

I started off colouring it with red dyes (usually a mahogany colour), but found that the greys would show pretty quicky. Have just started getting my hair highlighted and I can't see the greys now, even when they are there. Looks ok was scared that it wouldn't suit but it's fine.

treaclesoda Tue 19-Mar-13 15:18:01

My sister is naturally red haired and has never used any dye other than henna on her hair. Its beautiful, covers the greys and looks totally natural. She has the sort of hair that makes total strangers stop her and tell her how lovely it is not that I'm jealous, oh no, not me despite being no spring chicken!

OneLittleLady Tue 19-Mar-13 16:38:12

My hair's neither red nor brown, it's somewhere in between. No dye on earth matches it so I just colour it even more red because I think it suits me. If there was a dye that could somehow match my natural colour, I'd be happy to keep it natural but until there is, it's bright red all the way!

ditavonteesed Tue 19-Mar-13 16:39:40

I henna

TinyPanic Wed 20-Mar-13 11:08:52

Thank you so much for all the recommendations. I'm terrified of mucking it up but am going to pick one and give it a go (over the holidays when I can spend a lot of time re-washing my hair if I don't like it!).

nappybrain Wed 20-Mar-13 11:14:24

I've been reading with interest ....does anyone know where u can get the casting cream in butterscotch please as I am having trouble finding it online...has it been discontinued? A shame if so as it looks nice!

LemonPeculiarJones Wed 20-Mar-13 12:20:23

Oh damn it! I use Butterscotch, only bought some a couple of months ago on amazon - but looks like its been discontinued as I can't find it anywhere either, nappy!


Back to the search!

nappybrain Wed 20-Mar-13 13:57:36

Will keep looking too lemon doesn't look too red more auburn which is what I need. Had bad experience with a nice and easy one which turned my auburnish hair pinky!

LemonPeculiarJones Wed 20-Mar-13 14:07:31

Oh which one was that nappy? Am considering the Nice and Easy light auburn - it wasn't that was it?

LornaEds Wed 20-Mar-13 14:18:56

I too have natural red hair with blasted grey bits coming in at the sides. Have been on a mission to find a natural semi-perm that is similar to my own hair colour, but without success so far. Was just getting excited there reading about the Castings one in Butterscotch, only to see further down it has been discontinued.

Have used the Castings Amber lots, although it is definitely a bit darker than I'd like. Also have used the Nice and Easy one in Light Auburn, really liked the colour but it was messier to apply (much runnier) and didn't last as well.

Looks like I may have to venture into the permanent section now. Scared.

FriedSprout Wed 20-Mar-13 14:20:36

Superdrug's own brand, Vibrance Rich Copper Gold is fabulous, and currently 2 for £4.99

copper gold

Very pleased with it, my own dark ginger was going a little dull and the odd grey was creeping in.

OwnedByACockerSpaniel Wed 20-Mar-13 14:24:32

For grey coverage on red, I strongly recommend a salon! However if you really dont want to, buy a red close to yours but perform a strand test to get it right or as close to your natural hair colour smile

The thing is Grey hair has "lost its pigment" so when you do colour it the colour molecules sink in originally but don't stay very long when washed, you could use a neutral protein filler before colouring to lock the colour in better than just colouring it.

FriedSprout Wed 20-Mar-13 14:32:25

Have put a pic on profile using superdrug's own. Please excuse state of hair, it was ver windy earlier grin

Also pic is sideways, I was not!

nappybrain Wed 20-Mar-13 14:41:54

Lemon it might have been the Medium ash was one of the semis....I had previously used one of their 8 wash glosses which was ok and then the leaflet recommended that semi one for a longer lasting colour. The gloss was golden, this was pink! I can see now from pics on nice and easy web site that the shade looks a bit pinky! Is the n and e auburn a permanent one? Really I'd like a semi. Off to look at fried sprouts suggestion....

LemonPeculiarJones Wed 20-Mar-13 14:46:57

Yes fried sprout your hair colour looks very nice in your pic! I'll head off to Superdrug I think smile

nappybrain Wed 20-Mar-13 14:59:04

Ooooooh yes that is a nice shade fried sprout looks great.

SheepNoisesOff Wed 20-Mar-13 15:03:12

Oooh nice colour FriedSprout!

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