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What would you buy if...

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Stevie77 Sat 16-Mar-13 09:14:13

You had a free £100 to spend in Selfridges? Courtesy of my previous employer (leaving present).

Can be shoes, scarves, bags (although I have enough of those), clothes? Not cosmetics. I want to get something I wouldn't otherwise, if it was my own money.

Go forth and return with good ideas my beauties!

SirToffeeDoris Sat 16-Mar-13 10:29:00

Possibly, to try to fit the brief:

this scarf

and a couple of pairs of these?

Me, I'd get one of these:

cast iron dish grin

Stevie77 Sat 16-Mar-13 12:38:11

Tights and a pot?!? C'mon! Feels like a treat for someone else IYKWIM

rubytutu Sat 16-Mar-13 16:57:49

I wouldget a lovely cashmere scarf or some leather gloves lined with cashmere. or a purse. or something.

I'd get a lovely scarf and a purse, or wait for the sales and buy a Westwood dress.

AmberNectarine Sat 16-Mar-13 20:29:34

I'd buy a Helmut Lang t-shirt, or something nice from Maje/Sandro. Or maybe something from Jo Malone. Or put it towards some Balenciaga sandals <helpful>

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