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Help finding things to go with a dress!!

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beautyguru Fri 15-Mar-13 22:42:49

I'm going to a wedding at the beginning of May..its a very relaxed informal affair..the bride is one of my best friends and the feel she is going for is garden party/church fete..picnic hampers, straw bales, fairy lights, victoria sponges and cups of tea..with lots of wine thrown in for good measure! You get the idea smile

Well I'm too skint to start buying a whole new outfit but already have this

Its a bright coral colour and looks nicer in RL than in the picture! Gutted I paid full price for it last Summer!! Originally wore it with strappy gold sandals but these went in the bin after they nearly crippled me!! I need advice on shoes, jewellery and some sort of cover up (cardigan?) to stop me freezing if our current weather is anything to go by??!!

Please can any of you lovely ladies help me before I start trawling the shops as I don't have much patience for shopping any more! I wait in hope!!

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