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Needing smart work wear on a budget! What basics do I need!

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beachyhead Tue 12-Mar-13 17:17:40

I think chinos are a bit casual for formal work wear. Why don't you do the first few days in what you have and then shop the first weekend?

I suggest grey trousers as a good colour to go with your black jacket. Also if you have a couple of decent scarves, then your t shirts don't have to be as smart...

GoingVerySlowlyMad Tue 12-Mar-13 16:43:40

Yes looking at a few bits on eBay to keep the cost down. Are chinos ok or are they just a bit too casual.

Have my eye on a gap blazer which is a heavy jersey type material looks like I could get a lot of wear from it. It's a good thing we are going into spring/summer as I find those seasons easier iyswim. Can just wear a simple to with a nice cardi and a scarf with black trousers.

Sorry I know I'm seriously over thinking this!!

EwanHoozami Tue 12-Mar-13 11:37:00

I've picked up a couple of really good round-neck cashmere boden jumpers from ebay that wash well and look expensive but only cost me about £15 each.

EwanHoozami Tue 12-Mar-13 11:35:33

Brogues (brown) are my go-to pair of shoes with trousers. I have a couple of jersey blazers that feel smart without being too stiff and formal.

I'd avoid leggings and a tunic, it's a bit too mum-at-toddler-group for work.

jumper and white shirt sounds good

GoingVerySlowlyMad Tue 12-Mar-13 11:28:22

Ok more questions! Can I get away with chinos both beige and navy? What kind of shoes, thinking tan ballerinas (can't do heels!). Also would I get away with a cable knit RL jumper but layered over a white shirt to make it smarter? Also can I get away with leggings, black knee length boots and a tunic top?

Sorry this is a big leap for me so going to need a lot of patience and hand holding. I don't do smart I do extremely casual

Feilefoo Tue 12-Mar-13 00:11:39

Make sure everything can be washed, as the bill for keeping nice clothese clean can be high!

I second the nice knit tops

VestaCurry Mon 11-Mar-13 23:58:03

Another pair of trousers, maybe in an aubergine or blue (not navy) to mix and match with the blazer and jumpers you have. Some smart t shirts that can go under the jumpers, or on their own, get a few colours, again so you can mix and match. A skirt (not sure what style you prefer), if not, I'd go for a third pair of trousers. Blouses are a faff because they invariably need ironing! Keep it all really simple.

GoingVerySlowlyMad Mon 11-Mar-13 23:52:26

After years of working in a mental health setting where casual clothes were the norm, my job role has changed slightly and I am required to wear smart casual, whatever that means! I have no idea about the realms of work wear as I have spent most of my working life either in a uniform or casual clothes and trainers.

I already have a pair of smart black trousers and a well cut black blazer and some v-neck merino jumpers that would do. What other basics will I need? On a budget so strictly high street. Anybody have any ideas?

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