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Lancome face stuff

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nilbyname Mon 11-Mar-13 20:07:31

I like the sound of the dewy mist stuff, I might head in next pay day

nomoreplease Mon 11-Mar-13 19:19:16

Bloody brilliant. Have changed from Estée Lauder to Lancôme recently and people keep telling me I look radiant.

ilovethewinter Mon 11-Mar-13 19:17:59

It is expensive but lasts for ages,as its only for eyes you only need a little.I quite fancy trying the rouge in love dewy mist radiance enhancer which you mist on before or after make up for dewy skin,plus i see they now have coloured lip balms,rather like the clarins/clinique ones.Ill post if i can't resist and let you all know what they are like!

nilbyname Sun 10-Mar-13 21:48:41

ilove Wow, that is great. I am 36 and I feel like now is the time to start investing in my skin. I like the way you are buying it too, I could so the same/similar with my Boots Advantage points....good idea!

I have been using Dr Nick Lowe eye serum, it was on offer at £7 (usually £17) which is OK, but not getting a real wow like I am with the rest of my skin. £76 for eye cream is making me feel a bit ill!

ilovethewinter Sun 10-Mar-13 20:48:43

Im 46 and have been using Genefique in the day time and vissionaire at night for about the last year and can honestly say it is the best skin care regime i have ever had.I had lots of skin damage from over use of sunbeds and sunbathing in my youth and its like my skin has been renewed!I always get comments on my smooth skin.Obviously I still have some laughter lines around my eyes(but i had fun getting them!)I also use the eye crean called precious cells and mositerizer after the serum( can't remember the name but its in a purple pot).The eye cream is £76 pound but again it is amzing.I have a Debs points card which soon adds up to £5 vouchers so I use these and then I usually stock up when Lancome have a buy 2 items and get a box set free,the box usually contains samples of genefique and vissionare etc so that sees me through for a while.My mother who is in her 70's also uses the under make up primer and she really rates it.I would also be interested in any reviews of any other Lancome products you try.

nilbyname Sun 10-Mar-13 16:40:11

So I was in town the other week there and I bought a Juicy Tube, while I was there I got sucked into getting my face made up...and then talking about skin care.

So I ended up buying Lancome Visionair serum and Genefique. I also got a toner and a face wash. That got me a bonus gift with lots of stuff including moisturiser, mascaras, lippy.

So I have been using the serums and face wash. I have been using the serums daily with my regular No7 moisturiser on top, and I have to say the difference in my skin is noticeable. It feels softer, looks more supple and tighter.

I never thought "expensive" creams would do anything, but I think I am converted! Anyone else? What else should I go for?

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