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Is there a new bra intervention thread somewhere?

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lookout Sat 09-Mar-13 13:30:14

All of the other ones are closed now and I still need some help!

Try a 32F - you need more cup space. Brastop, Leia, Mycurvesandme, have some fab bargains at the moment too

F? God, really? I'll certainly try that size and those suggestions too.
thanks statistically

I suspect if you scoop properly in the 32DD you may find you have quadboob know that bit of fat that escapes over the top of your bra/under your armpit/over the backstrap/beside the straps at the back...yup, that bit. That's actually breast, and it needs to go in the cup of your bra.

I find this easier in front of a mirror. Pop your bra on, take your right hand and put it inside your left breast cup. Reach round under your armpit and yank scoop all of that escapage in to the bra. You may have to be quite firm. Repeat at the other side.

Stand up, look in mirror. You should now have a much smoother back/sides. But, you might now have 4 boobs cos once the whole boob is in the cup, most women discover their bra isn't actually big enough!

marriednotdead Sun 10-Mar-13 21:53:51

Evening all smile

I will try to address as many issues as I can in one hit- this may be an epic post!

Superbra, Masquerade and Cleo all owned by Panache. Pros- strong bras, firm fit, good shapes. Cons- harder wires which extend into the armpits on shorter torsos/higher rooted boobs.
Generally, Superbra rounded, good for asymmetry and full, wide boobs. Cleo, targeted at younger audience, 2 hook backs even up to J cup. Non padded styles have narrower profile so much more up front. Brilliant if cups are not usually deep enough for wires to sit back in centre in an otherwise well fitting bra. Despite target customer, really good for very soft breasts with little volume. Masquerade- pretty, sexy, more expensive luxurious fabric.

Freya, Fantasie, Fauve, Elomi (and a couple of others) all owned by Eveden. Pros- pretty, softer fabrics and wires. Cons- weaker wires mean poor fitting in larger cup sizes, unpleasantly thick straps on an otherwise delicate bra above many G cups.
Generally- Freya aimed at younger women with firmer/fuller breasts. Fantasie- for the more mature lady/softer boobs so more structured, fuller cups and deeper matching bottoms. Can push breasts apart unless a side support style. Fauve- luxurious fabrics/prices but often same shape patterns as other two if you look closely. Elomi- for curvier ladies, starts at a 34 band. Wider sides, rounder shapes, great for squishy people.

Eveden brands generally fit a lot looser/bigger than their Panache counterparts so be prepared to be different sizes. This also applies within the individual brands, style by style. It doesn't matter what size the label says, as long as it fits properly.


Bra digs into centre between boobs. Possible reasons- cups too big, wire too long/high, boobs naturally too close together to accommodate wires, centre wires too wide (Freya), brand is Cleo!

Wires digging in at outer side. Possible reasons- cup too small, brand too hard, boobs fuller at the side so wider wire needed.

Straps slipping off shoulder. Possible reasons- narrow/sloping shoulders, strap too loose, style wide set/balcony, straps slippery so no grip.

Bra strap rubbing between top of cup and shoulder. Possible reasons- strap overtightened, straps too wide set for body shape, root of boobs close to armpit/high so top of cup too high for body shape.

Wire not sitting back in the centre. Possible reasons- band too big, cup too small, longer boobs/deep sternum/cup too shallow.

Gaping at top of cup. Possible reasons- cup too big, cup too small! Style does not suit boob shape, loss of volume.

Digging on ribs under cups. Possible reasons- rib shape not compatible with wire shape or firmness, bra too tight, underband absent or not padded enough. Very slim or less padded frame, awkward bloody ribs (me!)

Enough for now I think grin

SorrelForbes Sun 10-Mar-13 22:18:19

Fantastic post married which I am going to cut and paste into the notes section on my phone for future reference!

Thanks again, it was your advice on a previous thread that led to me trying a balconette style, statistically. I'll try a bigger cup size.

marriednotdead Sun 10-Mar-13 22:25:46

Damn, I missed a bit!

Another reason wires dig on the outer side is that they are too long/ root of boobs too high bringing them virtually into the armpit.

I have at least 4 of the listed issues at any one time when trying on styles but please don't think I'm greedy grin hmm

Brilliant post married!

I am the same as you re issues - close set boobs which are also very high and very wide. Bloody nightmare combination for bras and I have long since accepted a bit of rubbing where armpit meets body. It's just not possible which is wide and high enough to contain the side of my norks without it also rubbing a little there, and then you factor in the centre gore stabbing me on many bras.... I tend to avoid wearing the same bras two days running, although it appears that Ewa may be the exception (I hope so!)

marriednotdead Sun 10-Mar-13 22:53:32

By the way, Leia is the retail arm of the Eveden group (see epic post for brands).

Jemster Sun 10-Mar-13 22:58:07

I'm finding these threads so helpful and for the first time in a year I am wearing a comfortable well fitting bra, thank you!

Could someone tell me when I am interested in a long thread such as this one, is there a way of me reading new posts from where I left off last time, rather than having to go through and try and find where I got up to? Sorry if this sounds stupid but I'm quite new to mn so still working it all out. Thanks

I don't think so Jemster

Marriednotdead that is so useful. I am copying it too. If you can be bothered to add to it when you think of new stuff and repeat the lot I think that would really help people. But a lot to ask I know!

SorrelForbes Mon 11-Mar-13 06:05:27

Jemster Yes, if you are logged in, you can' bookmark' the post you've read up to. The next time you click on that thread it will open at the post you've bookmarked. To bookmark a thread, put your cursor on the bottom right hand side of the last post you've read. You see a Bookmark button appear. Click on it to save your bookmark.

marriednotdead Mon 11-Mar-13 07:10:24

The bit I want to do (but can't) is have pics of different shapes of naked boobs so that I can style match. 2/3s of women will fit in most shapes but the rest need specifics. I'm too crap at drawing to do it that way. Any suggestions?

Silverstar2 Mon 11-Mar-13 07:47:39

Ok, so my problem is that the only shape that suits me - according to Bravissimo, and I can see that they are right, is a full cup - the Andorra gives me great lift and shape - but after wearing my new one all day Friday it rubbed the skin away under in my arm pit and made me bleed!

So would Fantasie be better? I have looked, and I like the look of the Elodie and the Salsa. Are these lower in the wire under the arm? I have worked out that my boobs are wide set, with a lot of arm pit fat, which although I am scooping, is still there a bit and that is where the wires of the Andorra digs in.

Please help - I can't beleive I have have the right size (34GG) and shape, but can't wear it <sob>.

On another note, I have been urging my mum to get measured - she is a size 10/12, slim round the middle after weight loss, but still maintains she is a 36B, cos 'M & S says so'......... arghhhh! More like a 30/32 I would say!

mankyscotslass Mon 11-Mar-13 07:50:57

Once I have been paid in April I am off out bra shopping.

18mths ago I was a 34 E/F, I got fitted in Bravissimo and have been wearing some Panache Tshirt bra's.

Since September last year I have been steadily losing weight, and I am now nearly 2st lighter than I was.

Yesterday I measured under my boobs for the first time in ages, and I measure 28 under and 35 across - DH assisted so I know that's right. grin

What size should I start looking at? I've not been so narrow under my boobs since I was in my 20's!

marriednotdead Mon 11-Mar-13 08:01:00

Don't panic! The Salsa is a bit hit and miss fit wise, and it's scratchy. Order the Elodie but in a 34FF. Trust me on this. If you like, you could also try the Bravissimo Pretty as a Picture too. You'd need to ideally order a 34G and 34GG and send one back as it is a bit borderline.

sparkle12mar08 Mon 11-Mar-13 08:02:24

Try a 28F mankyscotslass, and if that lower measurement wasn't pulled properly firm, you could possibly try a 26FF and 26G. Did you measure round the bust whilst leaning over? If not try a 28FF too, as measuring standing straight usually looses you a cup size or so. What's the cup size like in your current bra ignoring the back? Is it too big or too small?

Married I think that would be a really useful resource. Could it be done with quite simple line drawings do you think? I could prob manage it but I bet we have someone artistic on here ...

mankyscotslass Mon 11-Mar-13 08:07:12

Thanks! The F cup I am in is too big in the cup at the moment.

I remember the nightmare I had in my 20's trying to get a 28 fit with a large cup needed. Is it still as difficult?

It's got better re 28s. Remember the f on a 28 is much smaller than the f on a 34 :-)

Silverstar2 Mon 11-Mar-13 08:12:48

Thanks Married - is that the Pretty as a Pin up you mean?

How does that and the Elodie come up on the band - although last week I fit the 34 in the Andorra, some others wouldn't really do up at all, so I may be between sizes........... I am a bit squishy! Today i am wearing a CK Emily in 36G - but new it is on the tighest hook, and I can see that the shape is not as good as the Andorra, but it feels comfy.

Right. Better get the kids to school and me to work!

marriednotdead Mon 11-Mar-13 08:24:32

In other news, I had a bit of a moment in Bon Marche. Before you ask, was buying something for mother. Their target audience is women over 80 50. I accosted a lovely manager to ask why their trousers were so short as length options were max 31 and as low as 25- not all old people are midgets!
Had a look at their bra selection. Found an assortment of 38-44 bands in B-DD, asked her why their size range was so atrocious. Gave me a mini catalogue, said there were more online and that they are going to be doing bra fitting soon and that she was about to go on their course <shudder>

I couldn't help myself, I asked what size she was wearing- 40C. Was about a dress size bigger than me. Told her my size, unzipped my coat to give her a better idea, and suggested she started at a 34FF. She was fascinated but delighted and dragged me over to 'do' her manager grin

I've told her to look on the Bravissimo website for fitting advice, and to stand up and object if they tell her to add inches when she goes on her course.

Bought mother a naice cardi and took the brochure home. There's a bra fitting guide in the back. Not only do they add 4/5, the overbust measurements start at 'add one equals B'.
Measured self. I'm a 36D apparently <stares dubiously at 32Gs>
I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

marriednotdead Mon 11-Mar-13 08:29:32

That's the one! The Andorra, like most Panache bras, is fairly tight so I'd definitely start with a 34. The spotty one is probably tighter than the Elodie but see how you get on.

SorrelForbes Mon 11-Mar-13 08:33:34

Ah, Bon Marche, doing their bit for mature bosoms everywhere! Tragic.

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